Wolfen Q&A

Q: Is Wolfen  sci-fi like The Blood Series or more fantasy like Dragonborn?

A: Neither. Wolfen is in a class all its own. The story is a lot  of post-apocalyptic goodness with a bend toward the horror/thriller side of the genre spectrum. There are some relationships that lean toward the romantic, but “hot” and “steamy” is not how I’d describe them. Overall, Wolfen truly does have a little of everything in that regard. =) 

Q: Why such a big genre change?

A: Oh, it’s not that big a change, really. LOL Those who’ve had a taste of my writing outside of what’s on the virtual shelves know I love to dabble. I am a hardcore romantic at heart, but I can’t be satisfied with the old Boy Meets Girl simplicity. I need more meat to my stories. Life is complicated. The world is a big place and there are a lot of things going on while two strangers meet eyes at a coffee shop. Wolfen is anything but simple.  This is a world where you can end up dead if you drop your guard for a minute, or trust the wrong person. It’s kept me on my toes and that’s just what I’ve been craving.

Q: Is this the start of a new series?

A: Oy vey. LOL I am not sure I could top this one for a series. There are two stories being told in the larger plot of Wolfen. I am not discounting the possibility that a character will sneak in and hijack my brain for a part two, but I think, when all is said and done, these tales are finished. I think. Probably. We’ll see.

Q: Tell us a little about this book.

A: In short, it’s the worst case scenario to man trying to play God. If The Blood Series is what happens when DNA experiments go right, Wolfen is what happens when they go very, very wrong. I got to draw deep from my dark side for this one. Once society falls and it’s every man for himself, that’s when people show their true colors. It becomes very difficult to reconcile with the fact that those you have loved and trusted all your life are no longer your allies. And when you step outside and all you’re met with is dead silence, as if you might be the last living being on the planet… well, what do you do?

Q: Is this a zombie book?

A: Hmm… technically, no. It has more in common with Resident Evil than Dawn of the Dead. But while there are lots of scary things that go bump in the night, the majority of the story focuses on the “human”  element (note the quotes *hint hint*) than the scary creatures of genetic engineering nightmares. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m above writing in a little show-down, good guys vs. bad. 😉

Q: How about an excerpt?

A: What?? And ruin the surprise? Oh well, if I must… If you simply cannot wait, you can find the full prologue on the Wolfen excerpt page, and I have posted several shorter ones on Facebook.


Stay tuned for more news on Wolfen