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Sinna regarded the tight silver cuff on her left wrist, rubbing the metal, lost in thought. “Gerry was going to give this to me the day she died. They killed her because of me. Because I wasn’t there.”

“No.” He knew that guilt; he and Bryce carried their fair share of it. “You couldn’t have known.”

“But Gerry must have. She kept telling me to stay close. If I had listened to her, she’d still be alive. She was counting on me, and I just left her!”

“Sinna, listen to me—”

“It was only for a minute, but they were so fast.”

“You were a kid.”

“I was eighteen,” she snapped. “More than old enough to know better.”

“Okay, you don’t want kid gloves? They’re coming off. You have two options: One, neither you nor Gerry knew exactly what you were, and what happened to her was a terrible accident. There’s nothing to say it wouldn’t have happened if you had been there. For all you know, your scent didn’t start changing until yesterday, or the day before.

“Or two, Gerry knew exactly what you were and kept it to herself. Wolfen crave freedom—because they can have it. Gerry was human, stuck in some hidey-hole in the middle of a convert-infested city she could never hope to escape, and she knew you—the experiment, the thing that wasn’t even human—always had the option of walking away. Deep down, that had to scare the shit out of her, ‘cuz if you ever figured out exactly what you were, and who she was, and what she’d probably done back in the den, you would leave her ass in the dust. So she decided to up her odds. She used you, kept you ignorant, scared, and locked up tight with her, so she could be safe.”

Sinna was breathing hard, eyes huge and glittering with tears in the moonlight, jaw clenched so tight against them, Aiden could see the muscles twitching.

“Now you choose,” he said. “You tell me which reality is easier for you to accept, because there is no option C.”

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Man’s quest for genetic perfection has led to the creation of new subspecies. Wolfen were the pinnacle of scientific achievement, redefining the limits of what it means to be human. Their counterparts, in turn, grew into the ultimate predators. Incapable of higher thought, converts were unstoppable in their need to breed and devour, and when they escaped, they brought the world to its knees.

Almost two decades later, humanity is on the brink of extinction and only the heartless survive. Rescued by two Wolfen brothers, Sinna must now brave the treacherous wastelands of North America in order to reach safety and the promise of a better life. But when an unexpected gambit forces them to separate, a genetic advantage becomes a liability, and the worst monsters turn out to be the ones who don’t have claws.

In the game of survival, Wolfen were created to be champions. No longer. The enemy keeps evolving, rendering old tactics ineffective, and the only rule left is to endure at any cost.


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"All I can really say is how great this story is. I became enthralled with [Wolfen] from the beginning[...] This book has a dynamic trio leading its ranks and their story is a must read in my book."

The Writer's Inkwell

"I could not put this book down! To be honest I read it twice. [...] All claws up for Wolfen and it's amazing author whom left me wanting more."

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"This book is more than just a cut above it's genre peers. It is extremely well written. The story is cohesive and enthralling and the editing is flawless. A rare find."

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"[Wolfen is] nothing at all what you may have read before. It was unpredictable, intense, passionate and suspenseful. I've read a lot of books... but this one topped the cake of my top 10 favorite books of all time. Hell, I'll even say top 5. I can't tell you, anything may give it away. This is a journey you need to do on your own and I highly recommend you do it."

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"[Wolfen] was the first book EVER to give me nightmares! (Kudos to the author for that) I ABSOLUTELY give this book 5 out of 5 stars and recommend all of you guys/gals get a hold of this beast and sit back and enjoy the ride!"

B&N Reader Review

"If you only read one book this entire year, read this one!!! The description doesn't do it the justice it deserves, and the only thing wrong with this book, is that it ends!!!"

B&N Reader Review

"OMG!!! It is so good. The suspense, the drama, a bit romantic in a non traditional way, the action. It is very well written I felt like I was actually a part of it. Very very good book. I will be reading it again."

Novel Reviewers Review

"READ THIS BOOK. If you love the post-apocalyptic genre, READ THIS BOOK. If you like heart-pumping action, READ THIS BOOK. If you like unconventional romance that doesn't drive the whole story, READ THIS BOOK. If you like monsters that go munch in the night, READ THIS BOOK. [...] Alianne Donnelly has written a book that revitalizes dystopian fiction."

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"Wow! I don't even know where to start with this review. I guess I can start by saying I loved it. [...] If you enjoy end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it stories, I highly recommend Wolfen."

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"Wolfen has to be one of my favorite apocalyptic stories now. [...] I can't explain how awesome this story is. I will definitely be watching out for this author's future works."

Amazon Verified Purchase

"This is a fast paced, action packed ringer! I couldn't put it down and finished it in a day. The dynamics between the brothers and their pack are very intriguing. Let's hope there is a sequel in the works!"

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"A true Science Fiction classic. I felt the echo of every classic Science Fiction author I have ever read when I added this book to my shelf. Heinlein, Asimov, and all the rest that I grew up reading and re-reading--and still have Hardback copies filling my shelves. A very powerful book."

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