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Ryan flickered. “Good evening, Victoria. Welcome back. I received three missed calls and logged one unheard message in your absence. Would you like to play them now?”

Liam looked at the hologram thoughtfully. “Does it always do that?”

“I’m sorry,” Ryan said smoothly, “your voice signature was not recognized. Please identify yourself.”

“That is weird.”

“I’m sorry, your voice signature was not recognized. Please identify yourself.”

Tori shrugged. “You get used to it. Ryan, this is my guest, Liam Masterson.”

“Does it actually answer to—”

“Welcome, Liam Masterson. Your identity has been logged. You may now speak a command.”

“Go away,” Liam said, scowling.

“Command not recognized,” Ryan replied with a bland smile of willful ignorance, and Tori snorted coffee up her nose.

“Disappear. Shut down. Off.”

“Command not recognized. Please speak clearly at a natural volume. Is there something I can assist you with this evening?”

“I give up.”

“The house wins. Thank you for playing. Good night.” Ryan flickered and became motionless, but didn’t disappear.

Liam gaped. “That just happened, right?”

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Launch day for Hearth Global’s smart house system. Techs in place, programs operational, uplinks activated. All systems go. Until one doesn’t. Ryan has a house on his roster without any record of construction, and it’s a hot mess. Actually, calling it that is an insult to hot messes everywhere. They have to inform the owner. It’ll be a PR nightmare, especially on their first official day in business, and even more so when the owner is an attorney itching to bury them in lawsuits, but it has to be done. Right?

Uh, not so much. As it turns out, there’s a lot more at stake than Hearth Global’s reputation—top secret government stuff in which Ryan is now swimming up to his ears. He can’t make this software work by himself without the beautiful owner finding out something isn’t up to snuff. But what other choice does he have? The DOD is keeping tabs on the company, watching Victoria to make sure she doesn’t cause waves, and threatening to step in if anyone jeopardizes their agenda. To keep them all safe, Ryan has to buck up and take on the role of Victoria’s virtual house servant. 24-7. For as long as it takes to get the house up and running on its own. Because nothing could possibly go wrong with that…