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The Rebel Court

Snow White’s Rebels get their due. Whether they like it or not…


Snow White has reclaimed her throne and gotten her Happily Ever After. It’s time to repay a kingdom-sized debt to the seven Rebels who’d helped her win it back. Her friends deserve as much happiness as they can get, and Snow is determined to get it for them. Whether they want it or not is purely incidental…

Series Notes

The stories in this series all happen roughly in the same timeframe. Throughout the books, you will also see flashbacks to the “original” story of Snow White and her battle against the evil queen, Zorana. Each one adds a little more detail to what really happened from the perspective of the Rebel whose story you’re reading. The stories are pretty insulated and can be read as stand-alones, but some of them do overlap with cameos and guest appearances. Each story also builds on the world of the series, so it’s worth while not to skip any. 

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Burning Questions Answered

WARNING: Potential spoilers ahead. Expand at your own risk.

The original plan was for 7 shorter novellas, around 35,000-40,000 words in length, but I realized as soon as I finished the first one that the plan would have to change. There was too much story to tell, too many details I wanted to include. And as the individual stories grow in length over 50,000 words, I'm thinking there will ultimately be one more story to tell: Snow White's.  If all goes according to (the new) plan, once the series of 7 is completed, I'll be writing a full-length novel (~100,000 words) to cap off the series and give it a grand prequel finish. 

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