History is penned in a human hand.
Legend carries on the wicked whisper of a Faery wind

Everybody knows the Beast is cursed. Everybody knows he will be redeemed. Everybody knows that the monster is just a mask of the good man within. Everybody is wrong…

There are hard lessons to take from the story of Beauty and the Beast, which tend to be forgotten. Knowing there is a happy ending to be had, we tend to overlook and forgive the Beast’s flaws. But what if they’re not so easy to dismiss? A gentle man trapped in the body of a beast is one thing. But what if the beast is the gentle one, and the man is the monster? What if to save one, the other must be sacrificed?

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From Alianne:

Beauty and The Beast is my all-time favorite fairy tale. I wrote this to somehow become a tiny little part of the story’s endless tradition, adding my own little (or not so little) twist. Chapters posted on my blog became the first book I published independently, which opened the doors for Bastien to materialize into being. I’ve written other books before this, and after, but do you want to know a secret? This–fantasy, fairy tales, true love–this is one of the biggest reasons I write in the first place.”

Favorite Scene: Lyssette’s confrontation with Bastien about her sister, Marguerite.