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JAN. 2012








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He stoops to the fireplace, flicks his arm sideways to move the heavy chains out of his way so he can light a fire. “So you finally got the courage,” he says.

“Y-you know who I am?”

He chuckles, more of a scoff. “Oh, I know.” He turns and I see his profile, backlit by the fire. He has long wooden stick in his hand to tend the fire; there are no iron pokers in this room. Nothing he could use to free himself. “You think I don’t hear your sniveling voice every month? You think I don’t smell that disgusting sewer water you call perfume all over my home?” He shoves to his feet and I flinch.

Worse, he notices. Though I cannot see his face clearly, I … sense his amusement.

“I hear the servants talk about you like some goddamned salvation. They all think you’re a saint come to do battle with the Devil himself. Well?” He snaps the chains like a silken train and comes around the massive bed, into the light. “What do you think of him?”

Dark golden strands of hair fall over the face of a fallen angel. Strong jaw, proud nose, dark brows and a hard, twisted mouth. But his eyes… They aren’t what I expected to see. They are empty. Cold. Eyes of a true monster.

Promise me.

I promised. And I can see it now. This is not my Beast.

He sneers. “You’re no savior. I know exactly what you are. You’re the bitch who thinks to banish me. From my own house, no less. Harridan,” he accuses, his fury rising with each word. My Beast could never be so cruel. “Trespasser. Interloper. Whore!” No, this is not my Beast.

But this was my Beast.

Before he became cursed.

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Everybody knows the Beast is cursed. Everybody knows he will be redeemed. Everybody knows that the monster is just a mask of the good man within. Everybody is wrong…

There are hard lessons to take from the story of Beauty and the Beast, which tend to be forgotten. Knowing there is a happy ending to be had, we tend to overlook and forgive the Beast’s flaws. But what if they’re not so easy to dismiss? A gentle man trapped in the body of a beast is one thing. But what if the beast is the gentle one, and the man is the monster? What if to save one, the other must be sacrificed?

Book Reviews

"Only a talented author can take a classic and make it so exciting! This isn’t your Disney beast. I would recommend reading Bastien first to get the Beast background. I really love the ending!"

Smashwords Reader Review

"Even though fairy tales have been redone to death over the years I was happy to find this new twist on Beauty and the Beast. Very good, I want to read more from this author."

Smashwords Reader Review

"They need to make this into a movie its that good. I never put it down. Best version of beauty and the beast ever"

B&N Reader Review

"Couldn't stop reading it. I seriously stand up all night! This was very well and wonderfully written!"

Apple Books Reader Review

"It was just ...speechless ... just loved it . Just wish it had more."

Apple Books Reader Review

"This book was an amazing new view on the beloved story of Beauty and the Beast from the classic tale of an authors book to the magical world of Disney this book still has the magic and the message of how learning to love someone and with a little kindness can go along way where everything turns out right in the end."

Apple Books Reader Review

"I absolutely loved this book. [..] It was a wonderful, short retelling of Beauty and the Beast. A little more... erotic than I like or expect in fairy tales but I still enjoyed it and highly reccomend it to anyone who loves retellings. I can't wait to read the prequel!"

B&N Reader Review

"Completely unexpected! Wow! Loved how the writer spun a tale in this story, very imaginative and I really enjoyed the book. Kudos to the author!"

B&N Reader Review

"Loved The Beast! Read it in two sittings along with the prologue Bastien 🙂 Incredibly genuine and heartfelt mixed with the right amount of steam!"

Smashwords Reader Review