DIYday Lesson 6: Author Finance 101

Lesson 6: Author Finance 101

You have two commodities to spend on your writing and publishing: Time and money. It’s up to you to decide which is more valuable and how you want to spend it. Three things you really, really, really should invest in–with time or money or both–are your website, your cover page, and a professional edit for your book. Why? Because these are the three faces of you.

DIYday Lesson 4: How to Deal with Reviews: Lovers, Haters And The There Is Goldielocks

Lesson 4: How to Deal With Reviews

Reader reviews are both an honest critique and word of mouth about a book that begins and propagates itself naturally without an author’s interference. If your book made your readers feel strongly about it, your reviews are likely to end up on opposite ends of the spectrum. Keep an eye out for the Goldielocks reviews.