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12 Days of Christmas Excerpts Contest Day 8

A pot broke in the kitchen. The cook screamed and chased the thief outside, but the wily youth escaped with a loaf of bread to fill a painfully empty belly. The wizard noticed and Woden smiled, savoring his reaction. There again, the girl who’d mourned an old woman’s death. She was the one. She would change everything. If only the wizard and his king could accept the counsel of a woman. Another shift and there was the young prince, barely thirteen years old, strapping on armor and climbing the stairs to the battlements. He gravely surveyed the armies before him and directed the archers in their assault. A shout went up too late. _____’s faithful general grabbed the boy, shielding… Read More »12 Days of Christmas Excerpts Contest Day 8

12 Days of Christmas Excerpts Contest Day 7

_____ followed the corridor, feeling colder with each step. She could hear her heart beating out a frantic staccato against her ribs. The sound drowned out any noise her shoes might have made on a regular floor. This one had been designed to muffle it. Her palms were sweating as she turned left again and continued along the down sloping path. The noises the clerk had mentioned started off as nothing but a soft hum. It gave _____ pause and her step slowed. For the first time apprehension hit her. Not for her safety, but for her sanity. So many people … so many voices. She might not be able to block them out. Her arms shook. She wanted to… Read More »12 Days of Christmas Excerpts Contest Day 7

12 Days of Christmas Excerpts Contest Day 4

____ went for the first thing she could reach. A pillow. In her fright, she didn’t care. She whaled it over his head again and again, until the thing tore apart and feathers rained everywhere. When all that was left in her hand was an empty pillow case, and she was breathing hard, she looked up at him again. The guy was covered in feathers, arms crossed over his chest, glaring at her. “Feel better now?” _____ screamed again. “Knock it off!” he commanded, his voice booming. _____ shut up instantly. He sighed, in what sounded like relief. Possible points: 8 Complete contest rules here.

12 Days of Christmas Excerpts Contest Day 1

“What weighty business troubles your mind, my king, to furrow your brow this late at night?” he asked, deepening his voice and biting back a grin. _____ started and spun around to stare at him, but the moment recognition dawned, the ruler of _____ rushed forward to embrace him. “My son,” he cried. “My boy!” Ceremonies were for kings. There would be time enough for them tomorrow and the next day, and the next. After ten years, this was all _____ had wanted. To embrace his father without crowds of witnesses watching their every move and gesture. “I’m home,” he said as his father wept with joy. Possible points: 9 Complete contest rules here.

The Royal Wizard Now In Print!

This story truly is very near and dear to my heart and I was stunned and humbled by the wonderful response it’s gotten already as an eBook. You, my dear readers, have shown me so much love in the past few months I wanted to do something special to celebrate it.