Beau and Lily’s story is now available in all eBook stores worldwide! If you’re following the Rebel Court series, this is part two of the seven-novella series based on Snow White’s seven allies. These are definitely romances, and definitely with a LOT of steamy content. You also get bits and pieces of Snow White’s story through these novellas, which may or may not lead to Snow’s own story in her own book at the conclusion of this series. 😉

If you already know what this one is all about, here are the links to buy the novella at your favorite store:

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If you’re unsure, or want to know more, read the first chapter below!

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Happy Holidays!

With Christmas just around the corner, I figured I would keep this last post of 2015 short, sweet, and fun. I wish you all much happiness this Holiday season. May your days be jolly and your nights warm, may you have all the love and joy in the world, and nothing but the best in the New Year. Sending hugs and kisses to everyone!

And as a small treat, I give you new (and unedited) chapters of Dragonblood:

Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two

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A Valentine’s Day Treat

I’ve been a recluse today, busily plugging holes. Plot holes, that is. But I am given to understand today is a special day, and deserves a special celebration, and so I give you all this gift, a very naughty scene from Bastien. Warning in advance: This content is very, very adult.

Chapter 5

BastienCoverAReThe cards are instantly forgotten. The door through which we entered is gone, vanished into thin air and all around me is pandemonium, a cornucopia of creatures from myth and legend. Three girls dance around the gathering, holding hands. It is only when I look closer that I realize how my eyes have deceived me. They aren’t holding hands—they have no hands at all. Rather, their arms are joined together at the wrist so as to make one creature of three.

Not far away, a stunningly beautiful woman covered only with vines and leaves cuddles three ghostlike lizards. They notice my regard and unfurl massive wings, baring rows of sharp teeth in warning. The woman hisses and disappears.

I spin in baffled circles as my mind struggles to make sense of this. Over there, a tall, handsome pair. Their skin is gray, their hair white as snow, and everywhere their bare feet touch, frost blooms across the ground. On the other side, a woman with hair literally made of gold. Behind her, a behemoth of a man; a monster with horns flowing from his temples, back along his head. His legs are like that of an animal, and giant bat wings are folded against his bare back. Right before me, a red haired woman laughs and twirls, faster and faster until she bursts into flames and burns away. As her ashes rain down, they swirl closer and tighter, growing thick with smoke until it solidifies and pales, and the woman is back again, dancing off somewhere else.

My companions have left me. They are scattered everywhere, as awestruck as I, approaching creatures with caution. Only Louis remains, a smug smirk on his face. “Well?”

“What is this? Where have you brought us?”

Louis grabs my shoulders and gives me a shake. “To Eden, my boy. Now stop gaping like an imbecile and enjoy! I want to introduce you to our hostess. She is… perfect.” He sounds like a green lad talking about a sweetheart.

I look for Adrien to reason me out of this madness. He is reclined on a bed of moss with a pale haired temptress feeding him grapes. Adeline is in the arms of the bat winged monster, dancing. The twins are watching the gray couple create ice sculptures out of thin air. I’ve lost sight of the others.

Somehow a flower shaped cup appears in my hand. “Go on,” Louis says. “Have a sip. I guarantee you’ve never tasted anything like it.” He toasts me with a drink of his own.

The chalice in my hands is alive, a real flower with petals soft as silk and glowing amber liquid inside. I am mesmerized by the sight of it. I take a sip, taste the sweet, thick nectar and sway on my feet. Head spinning, I look around again with dream hazed eyes. Suddenly everything makes sense as though I’ve known this place all my life. I am in the Faery court. I laugh. “Well done, Louis!”

A figure slams into me, turning me sideways. The woman spins around so fast she becomes invisible, and before I know up from down again, my back is against the wall and a shining silver blade is pressed against my throat. The attacker has hair as black as a crow’s feather and eyes red as fire. She is dressed in what looks like black ribbons wound around her body. She is furious, much stronger than she appears, and I have nothing to defend myself with. Even if I did, I suspect it would do no good against this creature so I hold still and try to appear harmless. The female bares her teeth at me and releases me with a huff. The ends of her ribbons trail after her as she walks away. She leaves bloody footprints behind.

“I see you’ve met Discord.”

Louis straightens and his eyes grow wide. He smiles like a child presented with a new toy and bows deeply to the newcomer. “My Lady.”

The woman is perhaps the only creature dressed as a human. Her gown is a simple sheath of silk, her hair is half braided around her head and flows down her back. She is beyond beautiful. When she smiles I feel as though the sun has risen and I am blinded. No wonder Louis is so smitten with her.

Louis shoves at me. I remember myself and take a bow. “My Lady,” Louis says, “allow me to introduce my best friend, Lord Bastien Sauvage.”

“I am Lilith. And Louis didn’t tell me he was bringing such lively company with him.” The reprimand is delivered so gracefully I almost miss it.

Louis seems dumbfounded and a little pale. If I know my friend, and I do, it never even occurred to him that we might not be welcome here. “You must forgive him,” I say. “He was utterly smitten at first sight of you and since then completely forgot himself. Now, having seen you for myself, I understand just how he feels.”

Lilith is lithe in form, nearly of a height with me. Her hair is the color of sun and her eyes shine pale like stars. Inhuman. Inhumanly beautiful. God could not have created this creature; she is too perfect a temptation. I find I am not interested in resisting her.

Louis clears his throat. “Right you are, Bastien.”

Lilith ignores him. “Charming,” she says to me. “Bastien, was it? Well, Bastien, you may come with me. This is a tea party compared to what I have planned for tonight. Perhaps we can see if you live up to your name, Savage.”

She offers her hand and I take it.

“But my Lady… Lilith!”

“You can entertain yourself for a while, can’t you, Louis?” she says without even bothering to look his way. “Corral that pack of animals you brought with you. This one I wish to keep an eye on myself.”

I put on my most charming smile. “I am at your service, Lilith.”

“Indeed you are.” Her tone makes me smile. I know what to expect from this one. And I cannot wait.

She leads me through a curtain of willow branches and the world changes again. Here, the lights are dim and everything is in shades of red and black. Fires burn in pits and around them piles of pillows are strewn about. There are creatures here, too. Most of them are writhing together in a tangle of limbs and appendages to a chorus of sighs and moans. The aura of sex and otherworldly magic brushes against my skin, inside my clothes, and makes me unsteady on my feet.

I drink deeply of the nectar I still have and with each swallow I feel more at ease. When my cup is empty, another replaces it. Hands reach out to me and pull back again. Covetous gazes follow me as Lilith leads the way through the throng to a bower in the center. The pillars are reedy trees and the roof is made of spider webs.

Once past the circle of pillars, the empty spaces between them fill with a reflective watery film. I am encased in a mirror box and all around me my doubles stare seemingly everywhere at once. I turn to the closest one. It doesn’t turn with me. I touch the surface, tracing my profile as my rippling reflection reaches out to something else.

Lilith appears next to me. Her dress is gone and she is naked, her loose hair creating a curtain to hide her nudity. She touches my shoulder and my clothing, too, disappears. She hands me another cup, this one black. “Beautiful, is it not?” She tunnels a hand beneath the fall of her hair and moves it over her shoulder, baring her rounded breast. “We are completely alone. No one will dare disturb us here.” She raises the cup in my hand to my mouth and tips it.

I drink and nearly choke on the first swallow. This is no nectar. It tastes sharp as lightning caught in a cup. My insides turn hot with it. Lilith takes the delicate chalice from me and tugs me to the pillows. I am on my back and my head is spinning, but my cock is hard and straining toward the welcoming heat of Lilith where she hovers so close above me. She kisses me, her hand strokes me and I groan into her mouth.

Lust is too tame a word for what I feel. I am on fire, desperate for release, suffocating. Air does not exist unless I’m kissing her. She laughs when I fist my hands in her hair and roll until she is pinned beneath me. Her laugh turns into a moan when I thrust into her to the hilt. My back bows with the pleasure of it and I turn into a rutting animal, the savage she named me.

Her limbs loop around me and she arches closer as I piston in and out of her. Her skin is like the silk she wore to hide it, cool to the touch but searing like a brand. Her nails are claws that leave bloody scratches in my back, but with a caress of her palm she takes the sting away. In the mirrors I can see the skin heal without a mark left behind. I see us together, my own arse and back, her legs shifting restlessly, hungry for more, just as I am.

My muscles strain and I give her all I have, and when her climax lifts both of us into the air, she drags me right after her into the most intense ecstasy I have ever felt. I am weightless, formless. I am nothing but euphoria and starlight. When I return to myself, I ache everywhere.

Another black cup presses to my lips. “Drink, lover,” Lilith purrs. “We are nowhere near finished.” As the liquid pours down my raw throat, her mouth travels over me. She tastes herself on my cock, still hard and ready, takes it into her mouth deep … so deep. I roar while she sucks me into another climax and am more than happy to return the favor before I mount her again. And again. And again.

Time means nothing. Another black cup, another whisper of praise, a demand for more, harder, now. I am helpless not to give. She robs me of everything and when I am exhausted, too weak to continue, presses another cup to my lips. It is an elixir of everlasting fuck. I don’t care where it keeps coming from or even what it is. All that matters is that while I am drinking it I can keep going as long as I want. And I want more.

Lilith laughs and lets me indulge, luxuriate in her body or fuck it any way I want. Her pleasure becomes mine and everything I am is hers. “More,” I snarl against her neck. “More, more…” the words punctuate each of my thrusts. Her limbs quiver as she clutches me. So do mine. She doesn’t scream her pleasure, she sighs it, and with that one breath steals my soul.

I fall back onto the pillows, gasping for air, reaching for that black cup which is sure to appear. Instead I see Lilith’s face hovering over me. Her eyes shine brighter than ever, her lips red as blood—red with blood. “Humans break so easily,” she murmurs with regret and leans down to press a soft kiss to my lips. I reach for her to deepen it, but she holds me back. Instead of a black cup, a white one appears in her hand and she eases an arm beneath my shoulders to help me drink from it.

An unbearable heaviness permeates me from head to toe. With her soft whispers in my ear telling me to rest now, I let my eyes close and embrace the waiting darkness.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside And You’ve Got Work To Do!

Hello and welcome to the first Just Romance BlogHop of 2014! If you’re just joining us, you can check out all the participating authors from the beginning by clicking the picture below: Bloghops

And now here’s my contribution to the warm chills and heated shivers: An excerpt from my latest release, The Royal Wizard. Winter days are perfect for getting cozy and learning a little magic, wouldn’t you agree? 😉

* * * * *


* * * * *

TRWNew“Listen until you hear everything. Every movement of the air as you breathe, every beat of your heart, the hum of the candle flame, the chatter of mice…everything.”

Saeran shifted to find a more comfortable position and strained his ears to listen. “I hear nothing.”

“You are not listening hard enough. Concentrate. It helps if you close your eyes.” She closed her own to demonstrate. “Put everything from your mind but the sounds, and listen not only with your ears, but with your heart.”

Saeran breathed in deeply and held his breath, counting heartbeats. He could hear them getting louder, but only because they were thrumming in his head now. Expelling the air from his lungs in an explosive sigh, Saeran shook himself and tried again. He drummed his fingers on the table—that he could hear. He tapped his foot. Also a sound his keen ears were able to pick up. Besides that, he heard nothing. “This is boring. When can I work a spell?”

“When you learn to hear what is around you,” she said without opening her yes. “A thing will tell you how it wants to be changed. It will know your intent and help you achieve it. A pitcher will know when you want it to float next to the table instead of sitting on it. It will do as you command. But a flower will not obey a command to grow if it knows your only intent is to pluck it.”

There was wisdom in her words. She sat unmoving, composed, but still at ease. Saeran’s backside was starting to ache from sitting on the hard chair, yet Nia didn’t show any discomfort at all. Her control over herself was astounding.

She knew what to do and was the only one who could teach him. He would have to learn on her terms and trust she would lead him true. Saeran closed his eyes again and quieted his mind. For a long time, nothing happened. He heard nothing but his own breathing, felt nothing but his weight sinking into the chair.

But then it began to change. Slowly, he began feeling lighter, almost floating. His hands felt warm, his head swam. The flicker of torchlight cast shadows on his eyelids, and he followed the movement as if he could see the real flames dancing.

Suddenly he heard them. Two torches, then three, and then all of them. They were singing! Not in the sense of a human voice, but it was a melody nonetheless. They sang in the direction of the book shelves, as if performing for them, and Saeran’s awareness floated toward the dark alcove. The scrolls and tomes there whispered. He could hear words so ancient and powerful they sent a chill up his spine, and he knew such knowledge in the wrong hands could destroy with impunity.

Wary of it, Saeran withdrew.

He pictured Nia in his mind, sitting in front of him, regal as any queen, and suddenly he heard her breath as he did his own. He heard her heart beat like a drum to the rhythm of life all around him.

SaeranSaeran opened his eyes, amazed when the sounds didn’t dull. He saw Nia there, and she was so beautiful it pained him. She hadn’t moved, sitting quietly with her eyes closed. Saeran had faced armies, felt warriors’ souls leave their bodies and seen peace at last in their dying eyes. He’d met with great kings, masters of every trade, wizards and holy men; sought their knowledge and wisdom. Nia’s silence was more profound than anything those men had ever taught him. Her serenity seeped into his bones and made him feel as if no ill or plight could touch him as long as she was there.

He leaned toward her, captivated by this strange, beautiful dream, and reached out to touch her. His fingers brushed through her hair, and the golden strands chimed for him a harmony of countless strings. Nia tensed. But she didn’t move. Saeran felt like a master musician, playing the silken strands to yield a melody that shamed the most accomplished bards.

The music all around him grew louder to compliment his movements. He did it again, savoring the sound as clear as crystal, and then he leaned closer still and touched his mouth to hers.

The song quieted. His ears became deaf to everything but the beat of his heart, thumping in perfect unison to hers. He kissed her softly, reverently, and Nia yielded to him with a sigh that shivered through his soul.

In that moment, Saeran sensed everything stop and wished it could stay that way forever. Shrouded in silence, hidden in the depths of time itself, Nia looped her arms around his neck and he pulled her closer still. The table was gone. They floated together in a warm current of air that folded around them like a blanket.

They had no anchor to latch on to except each other. Saeran held Nia so tightly he could feel her heartbeat against his chest, yet it still wasn’t enough. He needed more. Her heart set the rhythm of his. Saeran wanted inside her skin, to touch her soul and bind it to his.

Sounds began to intrude. Someone was approaching.

A sharp knock at the door rang out in deafening echoes, jolting Saeran and Nia out of the trance and they fell to the ground several feet apart.

Nia stared at the prince, frozen in shock, unable to look away. Her heart was racing so fast she couldn’t catch her breath. Saeran seemed similarly incapacitated. He looked as if he wished to say something, but couldn’t find his voice. And neither of them dared to blink.

Want to read more? The Royal Wizard is now available in eBook and print format!

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12 Days of Christmas Excerpts Contest Day 12

“Both of you tell me you are not one and the same, and yet you remember everything. You know each other’s minds. You know what the other is planning and you let it happen.” The words come in a rush and with them a terrible realization. “You let it happen.” Angry tears sting my eyes. I’ve given everything to this being; left myself at his mercy time and again. I’ve borne _____’s torments, as I’ve shouldered _____’s, hoping that my pleasance would better them in return.

And for all his now gentle words, I find that the fearsome, powerful _____ is a coward.

Possible points: 8

Complete contest rules here.