To update or… Wait. There is no Option B

How to tell when a writer is working: you don’t see her for months on end. Ever make a detailed, step-by-step action plan, only to have it get derailed at every single freaking step? That’s pretty much been my year so far. My plan was to write and finish Prince of Deceit and Dearest Love, and make some progress on Sweetest Kiss, all while doing the barest minimum on the business side. Well, Dearest Love is done and out, so yay for that. As for the rest… imagine me laughing anxiously while holding back frustrated growls. Instead of finishing my novel, I ended up writing a whole lot of other stuff (which I loved!), restructuring my entire business model (not so much with the love), and doing a bunch of stuff I hadn’t planned on, but which turned out to be necessary (long-suffering sigh).

Long story short, due to technical reasons with which I won’t bore you, I am having to change the Dragonblood series name. I did not come to this decision lightly. I’m not doing this just to get prettier covers (although they totally are!!). I’m doing it to correct a problem I’ve had with the series since before book 2 came out last year. The original series name had to be changed at the last second and because I was rushed for time, I ended up slapping on a new one that doesn’t really fit the series story line. This is something that has been pointed out by readers, reviewers, friends, and family, and has bothered me for almost two years.

So why now, rather than after Prince of Deceit? Because I recently started the process of moving/expanding my print distribution to IngramSpark, and a part of it involves reformatting the covers. So I can either make the change now, or duplicate my work later. For the sake of my own sanity, I’m opting to do it all now in one fell swoop.

Mind you, the stories themselves are not going to change. The book titles are not going to change. All that’s different is the series name and the covers. If you already have a previous print version of The Royal Wizard and/or Dragonblood, congrats. They are now limited first editions that could potentially be worth a lot of money in a few…decades. 😉 If you don’t, give the eBooks a gander. Check out the previews and see if they strike your fancy. Ya never know until you try! (*hint hint*)

Okay, that about covers the boring stuff. And now, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the newly revamped Dawn of Ragnarok series, and reveal the cover for the third and final (planned) book: Prince of Deceit.

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The Royal Wizard Now In Print!

Umm, so yeah. This happened:

It really is true. At midnight on October 31st, Halloween is over and Christmas begins =D

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who had a dream. Years later, that dream turned into a book. Today, I am proud to announce that book is ownable in 340 beautiful 6×9″ paper pages. All the magic of the original, now with a stunning cover to look pretty on your bookshelf!


Okay, enough with the sales pitch.  This story truly is very near and dear to my heart and I was stunned and humbled by the wonderful response it’s gotten already as an eBook. You, my dear readers, have shown me so much love in the past few months I wanted to do something special to celebrate it. And that is why, for the first time since my debut as a published author, I am making one of my books available in print. I will spare you the trials and tribulations involved in this because, really, no one wants to hear me whine about the research, and wait times, and glitchy GIMPing, and paying attention to details (learned that the hard way)… All that matters in the end is that I finally got it right and created something worthy of being put on the shelf.

Look how pretty!

The Royal Wizard  is currently live on the CreateSpace storefront and should be showing up on and other places very soon.

I won’t tell you you have to go out and buy it, because that’s not the kind of writer I am or ever want to be. This is for those of you who loved the story and asked me whether it would ever be available in print. And  those of you who enjoy paper books more than electronic ones. And anyone out there who has ever loved fairy tales and would like to add another to their collection.

To all of you, and anyone looking for an engaging tale of fantasy, wizards and dragons, I say, Happy reading! And thank you for allowing a little piece of me into your hearts and homes.

With love and humble gratitude,