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Zen and the Art of Tolerating Bad Manners

TalkSo you go to an event or meeting where you don’t know 95% of the attendees. Being one of the first to arrive, you sit down in the middle of the row so that late-comers don’t have to crawl over you to find a seat. Someone you don’t know sits next to you and introduces himself, so you extend your hand for a handshake and reply in kind, but before you can finish the sentence, the woman in the row in front of you turns around, grabs the man’s hand, and boldly–one might even go so far as to say flirtily–cuts you off to introduce herself and strike up a conversation. Curtain closed. From that moment on, you might as well no longer exist.

You’ve just had a taste of what it’s like in my world. Welcome! Pull up a seat and have a cookie. 🙂

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