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What I Do ‘n How I Do It

Tag, I’m it! Thanks to the indefatigable Kimberly Grenfell (that fancy word is just for you, girl 😉 ) I have  been swept into the “My Writing Process” blog hop. You may have come across posts like these recently. That’s because they’re like internet trees, spreading their limbs exponentially in all directions. My duty was to tag three other people to continue this wildfire, but I find myself somewhat friendless at the moment, so this branch will, sadly, end with me.

Pause for a moment of silence.

Okay! Moving on! Since you’re here, I might as well share My Writing Process with you. Gather ’round, all ye who would listen, lend me your eyes, and allow me to pull back the curtain of mystery and invite you into the dark and twisted corridors of my mind…

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