book #3 of The Rebel Court


JUL. 2018








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“And this was the master wing,” Willow said, stopping in an archway made narrow by fallen boulders and debris. Voice hushed, as if imparting a secret, she confided, “No visitors were ever allowed up there, unless expressly invited by the lady of the keep.” Crooking a finger, she beckoned him closer and, charmed down to the marrow of his bones, Sebastian leaned in to put his ear at her mouth. “Rumor has it,” she whispered, “that the keep’s original mistress had many lovers, sometimes enjoying several in one evening, but they never knew about each other.”

“How?” he whispered back, his mouth skimming the outer rim of her ear.

Willow shivered, her voice turning breathy. “It was said that the keep had hidden doorways and secret passages, and when the mistress was finished with one lover, she’d send him off through one passage, and admit the next through another.”

Her back was to the wall and, standing this close to her, Sebastian could put his hands on it on either side of her and have her neatly trapped. He could keep her there for hours, with his head buried between her legs, feasting on her until she begged him to stop. Then he’d take her against that wall until they were both too tired to move. Sebastian became so wrapped up in that fantasy, imagining Willow’s cool hands clutching at him, her long, lithe limbs going boneless with pleasure, he forgot why it would all be a very bad idea.

He pulled back enough to see her blush, her red lips parted in invitation.

Sebastian did put his hands on that wall, for balance more than anything else, but even as he leaned his weight on them to stay upright, his elbows bent to bring him closer, and his lips brushed hers just barely. Just a whisper of a touch, like all of hers were.

Even that brief contact sent a jolt through his body, started his heart pumping hard and fast.

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Long ago, Sebastian denied the evil queen, and she struck him with a terrible curse. His body is wracked with constant pain that grows increasingly worse the longer he goes without pleasuring a woman. The curse should have died with the queen. Except it didn’t, and every attempt to remove it has failed. Now Sebastian is being sent on a long journey to the desolate north to retrieve a woman who might or might not be his last hope for a cure.

But magic is a complicated thing, especially when wielded by the strange, awkward, beautiful hermit who haunts the ruins of an abandoned castle during the day and invades Sebastian’s lurid dreams at night. After a lifetime of feeling nothing but pain, the powerful desire he suddenly feels for Willow defies all reason. And Sebastian can’t help thinking he just traded one curse for another.

Book Reviews

"loved it !!! missed the other books !!! boo me !! I will get them later... love Sebastian !!! love Willow !!! "

Booksprout Reader Review

"Highly enjoyable novella with an interesting story line, engaging characters and a mysterious curse. "

Booksprout Reader Review

"It is a short novella but it is certainly a hot one. The way the author draws you into the story and keeps your attention is quite well done. Good characters and a splendid world created."

Booksprout Reader Review