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book #5 of Blood & Shadows

Three years after humanity devolved into the bloodiest conflict in centuries, the Shadow war is far from over.

Laura Belden is at the end of her rope. Her community is under the tyrannical control of a sadistic madman, and her people are depending on her to find a way out. The last thing she needs is the boy she once loved showing up out of the blue, as if he hadn’t broken her heart and then disappeared right out of her life. The problem is, he might be the only one able to help. After all, Finnegan Rowe is an expert on all things Shadow, courtesy of the twenty years he spent in their ranks.

Finn is coming home for one reason: to beg Laura’s forgiveness and start making amends for two decades of bloodshed in the name of a lie. He knows it won’t be easy—Laura is hurt and angry, and she has every right to be. He’s ready to accept whatever punishment she deems necessary. What he doesn’t anticipate is coming face to face with an enemy who threatens the lives of everyone who still matters to him. The battle will cost him everything, but a Hawk is trained to never leave a mission unfinished. Turns out, there is a way out of Shadow after all. But it leads through blood…


“What a FANTASTIC story!! I am so happy to have found this book and cannot wait for the sequel. I want to read them all. This is so well written and is a great story that paints itself as a movie in your head. I love Finn and Laura[…] All the characters are layered and intriguing.”

Booksprout ARC Review


“Alianne Donnelly has written a story that’s worth every minute of your time! So exciting to watch the characters scheme, plan, deceive and fall in love. What should they do? You’ll have to read this very recommend book!”

Booksprout ARC Review


“Shadow Hawk is a roller coaster ride with twists and turns it is hard to keep up. Master story and world building makes this dystopia story well within the reach of the reader. Finn and Laura are well matched and do well as a couple. Character development is amazing. “

BookSirens ARC Review


“First let me say if you like authors like Ilona Andrews and Patricia Briggs, I bet you will enjoy the Blood and Shadows series by Alianne Donnelly. I jumped in at Book 5, “Shadow Hawk” and became captivated by the heart wrenching second chance love story of the main characters Laura and Finn. In addition, the author has expertly woven in complex and compelling secondary characters, some of whom are from previous books and others who will probably have their story told in future books of this series. I love that! […] It was a beautiful love story. I believe readers will really enjoy this series and this author.”

Booksprout ARC Review


“This was a great read! It’s been a long time since I truly bought into and enjoyed a dystopian novel, and this book did not disappoint. Laura is a fierce protagonist and her strength in overcoming tragedy after tragedy is admirable. I loved how Laura and Finn’s relationship progressed in spite of the many twists and turns that this story took. The book has excellent world-building, along with fully fleshed-out characters and a fast-paced, action-packed plot. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to devour a tragically beautiful sci-fi dystopian novel!”

BookSirens ARC Review

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