book #3 of Dawn of Ragnarok


DEC. 2020








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He picked up Sanja one-armed, not daring to release her hand, and spun around, dancing her down the muddy street with an abandon he hadn’t felt in far too long. Still holding her up, Fal jumped into a large puddle. Water splashed up his legs, over the rims of his boots, soaking his feet, and it was a beautiful thing.

“What is the matter with you?” Sanja shouted at him over the storm’s din. She was shivering against him, and even he was beginning to feel the unpleasant clutch of cold. His fingers were going numb, his face stung with the wind as it blew the storm right on top of them. Lightning cracked down on Castle Frastmir’s western tower, and then twice more in quick succession near the green. Any man with sense would be running for cover, yet Fal remained frozen, loath to give up the smallest part of this moment.

Sanja would never know the gift she had given him, simply by being there, holding the world at bay. Were he a braver man, he would tell her and risk terrifying her into fleeing. Were he an honest man, he would tell her she was now irreversibly bound to his company for as long as she lived. But in that moment, Fal was neither brave nor honest. He was the Prince of Deceit, and Sanja was the only thing keeping him from drowning.

Ragnarok be damned. He didn’t care about Synealee, or Wilderheim, or the Otherlands. In that moment, he didn’t want his Power back. All he wanted was more of this: cold rain on his face, peace in his mind, and Sanja in his arms.

She made him feel human. He could love her, just for that.

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Wilderheim’s worst fears have come true. The Veil is shattered and Ragnarok is coming for them all. Prince Fal is now the only one left to stand against the destruction of his kingdom—but how can he save his people, when he can’t even save himself? Overwhelmed by his own magic, Fal is shrouded in constant illusions that make a lie of him as well as the world around him. If he can’t find a cure, he’ll soon lose himself completely, and Wilderheim’s last hope of survival will disappear.

His one chance is the old carver’s peculiar daughter, whose very touch somehow makes Fal’s illusions vanish. But Sanja has problems of her own—ones that might kill her before she can do anything to help Fal, or his kingdom. With time quickly running out, Fal and Sanja must find a way to save themselves and stop Ragnarok in its tracks before it’s too late. When armies march, an age will end…

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"How the author managed to incorporate every personal detail in such a beautiful world is impressive beyond measure. It’s a story full of constant anticipation. Every time the reader tries to predict the next scene, a new twist hits, shocking all of one’s senses!"

InD'Tale Magazine

- Crowned Heart of Excellence

"Alianne Donnelly books can be compared to an exquisite meal that I gobbled down like a pig [...] Yet, unlike a gourmet meal, the Dawn of Ragnarok series is destined to be read over again and again and again"

Smashwords Reader Review