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Links and Resources

This list will grow as I find more things to add. I am hoping to put together a useful (as in, practical stuff you can actually use) list of resources for all writers out there. If you know of a good one I am missing, drop me a line and I will add it here. =) As a rule of thumb, I won’t post something I don’t have any experience with. Every link here is something I’ve used or read, and can therefore vouch that it’s legit and worth your time.


NiniteSC – This webpage lists some of the best free (or free trial) software out there. Everything from Antivirus software to music management. You can download several at a time, without having to worry about add-ons you don’t necessarily want or need.


OpenOffice – Open source office suite of programs (much like Microsoft Office). Use it to write your Best Seller =)


Calibre – eBook management program. Translation: Take a Nook eBook and you can transform it into any other format for any other eReader (as long as it doesn’t have DRM)


Sigil – Specifically for those who want to self-publish. This program lets you create beautiful, professional quality EPUB files from your book, which can then be converted to other formats using Calibre.


GIMP – Stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It’s like Photoshop, only free and much more user-friendly. Very easy to use and my personal favorite pastime (next to writing)


Audacity – Here is an open source program to help you edit song and other audio tracks to your heart’s delight. Or create your own! You might even use it to, say, make a book trailer song, or record and edit your own audiobook. 😉


Corel Video Studio Software – This is the one link that breaks the “free” rule on this page, but I am including it because I believe it is very much worth sharing. What you can do with this little bag of tricks you simply cannot do with any free program. The very first video I made with it blew all my previous ones out of the water, I kid you not.

Stock Resources – Free and royalty free, high definition images. Do yourself a favor and check this site out.I promise you won’t regret it. – And another one! A bit of warning with this one: They have a free section (linked) and others which require credit being given or compensation. Always be sure to check the license to be extra safe.

Incompetech – This is a ginormous database of royalty-free music you are welcome to use! Just always remember to give credit where credit is due and attribute to the artist in whatever you use his music for.

LooperMan – For the slightly more advanced, this site has thousands of music loops varying in length, which makes them perfect for creating custom book trailer music. The music is free, but the creators do ask that you link them with whatever you created. – Some very cool, loopable animated video clips which you can use as backgrounds, overlays, or transitions for your book trailer to make it look extrasuperspecial. – A little web-based program which allows you to create vector effects for a handful of fonts. Click across the tabs at the top to create a one of a kind book title for your cover page. The best part? The resulting image is licensed to you for personal and commercial use.

AllTheFreeStock – A collection of many websites that offer royalty free stock images, videos, sound effects, etc. While most of these resources are free, some do require attribution, or a license release form. Always look for the rules of individual websites/contributors and abide by them.


The Romance Reviews – Mainly for romance/erotica authors of any subgenre. This site allows you some great opportunities to advertise and simply by having their banner on your website (like this) you get one free headline ad per month. Very cool.

The Romance Reviews

Books2Read – This is a really cool FREE website from Draft2Digital, which looks up your book in all eBook stores around the world and creates a universal link for them. That means that instead of promoting 20 different stores around the world individually, you can use one universal link and let your readers go right to the store where they like to shop. Do I really need to say how AWESOME that is? 😀