Down in the blaze of mother fuckin’ glory, bitches!

In a sick world ruled by man-made monsters, Helena is the unofficial queen bitch of her own little slice of paradise. Her mother may be the Matron but Helena’s the one who keeps the monsters at a distance so her humans can sleep in peace when the sun goes down.

It used to be a great gig, but now she’s old enough to go off on her own, and no one in their right mind will let a first generation Wolfen female just walk out the door. Their survival literally depends on Helena being Helena and, as much as they hate her for it, they’ll try to keep her in Hopetown by any means necessary. “Try” being the operative word. There’s a whole world out there beyond Hopetown’s walls and she fully intends to see it. No matter the cost.

This is a special edition companion novella to Wolfen. Read excerpt here.

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