Function: L1VE

Can an AI machine learn to feel?
Should it?

LSoftware updates are a standard operational routine for XR-47, aka James. As an Artificial Household Assistant, James receives periodic updates both from his manufacturer and his software engineer owner. Nothing special. Until one batch file changes everything. Where do we draw the line between artificial intelligence and autonomous evolution? Can robots truly live, or even comprehend the complexity of what it involves? James is about to find out.

The smallest change in a code sequence, and one AI robot’s world is turned upside down. The question is: can he still function to his owners’ satisfaction?

From Alianne:

“As the dedication suggests, this was a random plot bunny that refused to stop hopping around my head. I planned it out as a short story, but it turned out a bit too long to post on my blog, and since I had a hankering for a good sci-fi cover page, I figured I’d go all the way and make it an official publication. This might go without saying, but I’ll say it, anyway. When you read this story, read between the lines. 😉 “

Favorite Scene: James and Caroline behind the grocery store. Both times.