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Dinner on Wednesday was pizza again. Despite James’ protest, Mr. Aldridge insisted an order be placed to celebrate. He’d just passed one of the more difficult examinations for his psychology studies.

“I’m halfway done, can you believe it?” His heart rate and blood pressure were elevated again, but this time, they indicated happiness and excitement. James noted it in Mr. Aldridge’s health file.

Mrs. Aldridge smiled. Her heart rate remained steady.

“Two more semesters and I can start interning at clinics. Goodbye runtime errors, so long syntax, semi colons, and goddamn end brackets. I can’t wait!”

“So did you hear the rumors?”

“What rumors?”

“Apparently there are sentient robots walking around Sally’s Grocery. The whole neighborhood is talking about it.”

“That’s ridiculous. Robots aren’t sentient.”

“Well, these ones give a pretty good impression of it. Take a look.” She passed Mr. Aldridge her phone. A video played automatically with lots of background noise. “What do you make of it?”

Mr. Aldridge frowned. “Nothing,” he said, passing the phone back to Mrs. Aldridge.

“You’re not at all concerned?”

Mr. Aldridge took a large bite of pizza and said around the mouthful, “Nope.”

Mrs. Aldridge dropped her salad fork onto the table. “Alex Nathaniel Aldridge! What have you done?”

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Software updates are a standard operational routine for XR-47, aka James. As an Artificial Household Assistant, James receives periodic updates both from his manufacturer and his software engineer owner. Nothing special. Until one batch file changes everything. Where do we draw the line between artificial intelligence and autonomous evolution? Can robots truly live, or even comprehend the complexity of what it involves? James is about to find out.

The smallest change in a code sequence, and one AI robot’s world is turned upside down. The question is: can he still function to his owners’ satisfaction?

Book Reviews

“Fascinating read that questions when does conscious life count as “people”, and that love can be defined as so many things besides “love at first sight”. A great read to expand your philosophical outlook.”

Smashwords Reader Review

“This is a really really wonderful story. Cant say too much or ill ruin it for you but give it a read. Its quick and will leave you with a nice feeling.”

Kobo Reader Reviiew

“This was surely the most adorable and giggle inducing piece of work I have read in a long while. Perfect for breaking a reading slump!”

Goodreads Reader Review