Q: Are your books available in print?

A: Yes! My longer self-published works are now available in two different print editions, one via Amazon’s CreateSpace (6×9″ trim size) and the other via IngramSpark (5.25×8″ trim size). The purchase links are listed on each book page. You’ll be able to tell them apart by the covers.

Q: Are your books available on Amazon? Barnes & Noble? …Kobo?

A: You can find links to all available retailers on each book’s page. Not all books are available at the same retailers. When in doubt, click the button to find more retailers, or go directly to your favorite online book store and search for the book title.

Q: Can I get an autograph?

A: I am happy to announce that I now have a store for autographed copies of my books! All print editions are available for purchase right here on this page. Prices include domestic shipping and handling (within the US). International is not a possibility at this time. I will keep this page up to date if this changes in the future.

Q: What are you working on next?

A: I currently have two projects going on. The first is Prince of Deceit, which I have officially begun. It’s slow going because my mind is distracted with edits and my other work in progress, but it’ll happen. 🙂 I promise. Speaking of work in progress, I have The Rebel Court Series in the wings: a 7-volume serial I plan to send out by chapters via email. 🙂 To be part of the mailing list, sign up here. It’s free, and there’s absolutely no obligation. Don’t want to drag it out? The finished novellas will be available for purchase in their entirety after the last chapter is sent out, and I’ll have those links for you when the pre-order goes live.

Q: What is this super secret project you keep mentioning??

A: To be honest, the only reason it’s secret is because I haven’t decided how to present it yet, or how far I want to take it. That last part will determine the first, so it’s still kind of up in the air. If I go with plan A, then the project is now past the midpoint. If I go with plan B, then I have barely scratched the surface. My decisions will hinge on feedback from my beta readers. If the feedback isn’t what I’m hoping for, I will go with plan C and keep the project in its current, select-readers-only status, mostly because if the story doesn’t work, there is no way for me to rewrite it to make it work. I will give you a hint that it’s strongly connected to something I have already published. Does that help? 🙂