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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your books available in print?

Yes! My longer self-published works are now available via IngramSpark (5.25×8″ trim size). This includes everything except the Ones & Zeros collection (currently). You will find direct purchase links on each book's page. If you don't see your favorite store listed, try searching that store's website by book title. All print editions should be available on major retailer websites worldwide.

What about audio?

Yep! Books in the Dawn of Ragnarok series and the Ones & Zeros collection are available as audiobooks. One day, when I grow up and win the lottery, I’ll commission an out-of-this-world awesome dual narrator production of Wolfen. But, for the time being, this concludes my audiobook collection. If I do more in the future, I promise you will definitely hear about it. Get it? Hear about it? I'm so punny...

Are your books available on Amazon? Barnes & Noble? …Kobo?

You can find links to some of the most popular retailers on each book’s page. Not all books are available at the same retailers. When in doubt, go directly to your favorite online book store and search for the book title. All of my titles are also available to libraries. If your local library doesn't currently carry a book you want to read, feel free to request it from them. 

Two places where you will not find any of my books are Kindle Unlimited and KDP Select. I consider these programs to be exploitative toward authors and will not support them as a reader, or a writer.

What are you working on next?

I usually work on more than one thing at a time. Because I sometimes don’t know whether something will end up getting published or not, I don’t always feel comfortable talking about them. I hate creating expectations I can’t live up to… With that said, my current project is The Rebel Court Series , which is a 7-part series of erotic romance novellas about Snow White’s allies. The first three novellas are now available in eBook and print format. The fourth is currently under construction, but on hold while I try to get my muse to cooperate. I also have two or three other projects in the works that I’d love to get out there. For now, they’re very early stages, so I don’t have much to share.

Will you be doing any more book signings or appearances?

I don’t have anything planned at the moment. As much as I enjoyed attending two signings in 2019, they ate up a lot of time I probably could have spent writing, and a lot of capital I could have spent on getting another audiobook produced. If I do any in-person events in the future, they will likely be in my home state of California to cut down on travel. But, considering how behind I am on my to-be-written list, I think I’m better off sticking to my writing desk for the time being.

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