When demons fly,
the world will burn

The Imarah tribe is dying.  The gods have abandoned them; demons feast on their souls in the night, and when morning dawns, murderous raiders pick off those still left alive. As the prince of his people, Tir is determined to break the curse. But when the enemy he imagines in Wilderheim turns out to be the last chance for his tribe’s survival, everything changes. Princess Liadan is shameless, reckless, dangerous, and unpredictable. She is the spawn of their enemy. Imarah will never accept her. They may not have another choice, if they want to live.

Difficult trials lie ahead for Tir and Liadan—of mind, body, and soul. But the worst is one they never expected: a trial of the heart. A bond between them can only lead to tragedy the likes of which they are both determined to avoid, but it seems the merciless desert has other plans. One thing alone is certain: When demons fly, the world will burn…

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From Alianne:

“As cruel as it sounds, I had so much fun teasing the hero of this book. He is just so tightly wound that the smallest things ruffle his feathers. Probably why he got a heroine like Liadan. But I respect the hell out of him, too, for being open to an interpretation of the world that is so different from his own. As stubborn and passionate as Tir is, he also shows great respect for things he doesn’t know or understand. Once he calms down, of course.”

Favorite Scene: The rainstorm in Lyria.