book #2 of The Rebel Court


SEP. 2017








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Lily blinked slowly, her fork still hovering. She opened her mouth to say something, closed it, blinked again, then carefully set her food aside and turned to face him. “Why were you begging for food?”

Now it was Beau’s turn to stare. How was that relevant to anything? “How do you mean?”

“I may have been a kid at the time, but I remember Kesteran just before the war. The troops were just being moved into those camps, and they never got fully settled before Snow’s rebellion blew up in their faces. Even in places where they’d managed to get fully operational, every house still had rations coming in on a regular basis. So why did you have to beg?”

“Uh, because I didn’t have a house. I was a street rat for as long as I can remember.”

She gaped at him as if he’d grown another head. “Didn’t you have any family who could take you in?”

Beau barked out a harsh laugh, but cut it short when Lily startled. Smoothing out his expression, he said, “I never knew my parents. The only family I had left was my aunt, and she had this bad habit of beating me off her stoop with a broom and threatening to kill me if I ever showed my face around her house again. So…that was kind of out.”

She kept staring, and frankly there was only so much awkwardness Beau could take so, when it didn’t look like she’d blink or close her mouth any time soon, he decided on a strategic retreat. “Well, good night, then.” And because they’d never discussed sleeping arrangements, he turned off the living room lights and made himself comfortable on the couch. Soft seat cushions, a plush blanket draped over the back, a solid roof over his head, and indoor heating if it got cold? He’d slept in worse places.

What he didn’t expect was to feel Lily quietly squeezing in beside him and resting her head against his chest.

Beau could say he hated it, but he’d be lying his street rat ass off.

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One rule has kept Snow White and her Rebel Court alive this long: Trust no one, except Beau. He has his finger on the kingdom’s pulse. He knows how people think. He has a Network of eyes and ears in every corner of the realm reporting to him and Snow alone. Now the Network is humming with news of a traitor among Snow’s noble court, someone who feeds vital information to detractors through the most innocuous place imaginable: a brothel.

It’s imperative that Beau identify the threat, but that means spending days on end in a house of pleasure, where the woman he’s secretly loved for the last ten years is determined to keep him in her bed. For the sake of the kingdom, he must endure. But can he resist?

Book Reviews

"Short erotic novella, good world building & interesting characters. I like her take on Snow White's story post the death of the evil queen & the seven 'dwarfs' (they're not dwarfs in this series, nope, not at ~all~). Of the three books released in this series thus far, Beau's story is my favorite. Doesn't follow the formula of the usual romance novel."

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"I enjoyed this intriguing addition to the canon with Beau, a loyal ally of Snow White's court, tasked to root out a disloyal threat. The author did a great job of drawing me in and keeping me intrigued through this steamy story and I am looking forward to the next installment."

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