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Dawn of Ragnarok

World Map

1. Frastmir: The castle city of Wilderheim. Seat of the crown, and nexus of converging magics.

2. Waterfall Lake: A short ride from Frastmir, this is Prince Fal’s personal sanctuary and testing ground.

3 The Clerics’ Temple: Situated at the top of Hallowed Mountain, this is a sanctuary for clerics where they copy and preserve books for future generations.

4. The Dragon’s Cave: Supposedly…

5. Lands and Demesne of Clan Steen: Due to the location of its lands on the border with neighboring Ravetia, Clan Steen is charged with protecting the kingdom from potential invasion. They are well trained and compensated for performing this duty.

6. Crossroads: The town of Crossroads lies at the center of Wilderheim. However, although all major roads in the kingdom pass through it, it is mostly populated by farmers and merchants and has little strategic importance.

7. The Dragon Lakes: A grouping of lakes near the Lyrian border that together form the shape of a dragon. Legend says, this was the place where the last living dragon fell from the sky centuries ago. Legends aren’t always completely true…

8. Mountain Pass between Wilderheim and Lyria: A passageway through the mountain range that serves as a natural border between Wilderheim and Lyria. It is the only point where a road connects the two kingdoms.

9. Dai: The coastal castle city of Lyria. Home to blood relations of the ruling clan of Wilderheim.

10. Sadirak: An Aegiran merchant town at the convergence of three kingdoms. It is dominated by a massive market where anything and everything can be bought and sold, including exotic animals and slaves.

11. Waterfall Oasis: As a desert kingdom, Aegiros has very few sanctuaries where fresh water can be found. This is one of them. It known mostly to smugglers and slave drivers.

12. The First City: The largest city in Aegiros is the home of the First Tribe, the Imarah. At the height of their power, the tribe controlled the entire First Valley, a verdant stretch of land surrounding a great river that ran west-to-east. When the river dried out, the tribe was forced out of the city to seek refuge farther down river.

13. The Temple of Inaras: The patron goddess of the Imarah tribe has a temple built in the saddle of Temple Mountain. To prove themselves worthy of joining the tribe’s elite warriors and win their scimitars, initiates must traverse a stretch of desert, climb up the mountain to the temple, and there best an enemy in duel.

14. Silver Mountains: A mountain range of gray-hued rock which has served as a natural border between Aegiros and Synealee by the Sea since the Aegiran war. At the eastern base of this mountain are the dried-out flood plains which used to feed the greatest river in Aegiros.

15. Palos: The castle city of Synealee by the Sea and seat of its religious zealot monarch. The city has many churches, all strategically positioned to form the shape of a cross.


As a physical border between the the world of humans and Otherlands, Wilderheim is steeped in magic and open to all kinds of otherworldly creatures. Faeries, elves, undines, trolls, and many other species of Others are welcome in and travel freely through Wilderheim. Because of this, its political structure is also quite unique. The kingdom is meant to be ruled by a human king. However, to keep the peace with Otherkind, a skilled wizard is appointed to act as the king’s most trusted advisor and a peacekeeper to ensure both human and Other needs are addressed.  The careful balance of human law and Other magic is the crown’s highest duty.

The land is distinguished by a vast mountain range to the north, with a border of thick, evergreen forests at its southern base. The region to the north of this range is inaccessible and remains unexplored by humans. The range curves south on the western side and forms a natural border between Wilderheim and Lyria. On the eastern side, the range fractures into a gorge which forms the natural border between Wilderheim and Ravetia. The southern border with Aegiros has no natural defenses. It’s defined by a string of stone keeps which date back to the Aegiran war.


The coastal kingdom of Lyria is known as the land which welcomes all. Its people are skilled seamen, explorers, and traders who favor diplomacy over conflict in all things. Lyria shares a border with Wilderheim to the west, Synealee to the south, and a small, open pass in between with Aegiros. This pass presents the only natural vulnerability, as the rest of the kingdom is bordered by either mountains or turbulent northern seas. Its castle city of Dai is a haven of culture, education, and art. As a well known trading post, it’s popular with merchants from all over the world, and its markets offer wares not easily found elsewhere.

Lyria welcomes all who come in peace, which made it especially vulnerable to invasion during the Aegiran war. Though the kingdom suffered tremendous damage and loss, its political philosophy has not changed. Despite having learned from their mistakes and fortified against any future attacks, Lyria remains open to all who seek to enter in peace. Because of the king’s strong familial ties with the ruling clan of Wilderheim, the two kingdoms have been at peace for generations. This does not hold true for Lyria and Synealee.


Also know as Synealee by the Sea, this kingdom used to share a border with Wilderheim, but lost a great deal of its northeastern territory to Aegiros during the Aegiran war. It is now cut off from the rest of the continent by a continuous mountain range that curves northwest to east. Its landscape is largely flat and fertile. Its natural resources are few, and the most common trades are agriculture, woodworking, and fishing. The castle city of Palos is also the largest in the rural kingdom and is considered the birthplace of Synealee’s faith.

The kingdom’s physical separation causes political and spiritual isolation. Synealee’s relations with Wilderheim ended completely after the war and its association with Lyria is strained at best. As a result the kingdom suffers for lack of trade, both mercantile and intellectual. Many advances embraced by other kingdoms are either unknown in Synealee or forbidden outright.  It is ruled by a religious zealot who imposes harsh laws for the kingdom at large. Dissent of any kind is not tolerated. To speak out against the faith is to speak against the crown, and such treason is met with swift and brutal punishment. 


The region of Aegiros is not politically unified. It’s populated by small, individual tribes, each ruled by its own king, or shansher. The region is mostly desert and, as a result, its tribes are in constant conflict over its limited resources. The Aegiran war marked the largest and longest unification of tribes in recent history. Under the leadership of Dhakir the Conqueror, shansher of the Imarah tribe, Aegiran warriors attacked to the west, claiming a large swath of land from Synealee, and invading the non-combative kingdom of Lyria. There, after a long, bloody campaign, Aegiran forces were defeated with the combined forces of Lyria and Wilderheim.

At the heart of Aegiros lies the First Valley, a narrow strip of green on either side of a river which flows west to east. The First Valley is the most fertile region and, as such, is a constant target for tribal attacks. It has been held by the Imarah tribe for centuries, until its river dried out seemingly overnight, forcing the Imarah into exile.


The kingdom of Ravetia lies to the east of Wilderheim. Geographically, it is the largest kingdom on the continent and mostly isolated from its neighbors, Wilderheim and Aegiros. At its heart is a gigantic inland sea at the center of which lies its island castle city. The kingdom is rich in gold, silver, and precious stones. Jewels and adornments from Ravetia usually have a unique cultural motif and are highly sought after in Lyria and Wilderheim.

Ravetia is open to travelers and traders, but does not initiate travel or trade. The kingdom as a whole is steeped in ancient traditions and superstitions. This includes a deep suspicion and distrust of magic, which makes for strained relations with Wilderheim. The shared border is reinforced on either side of the ravine by keeps and outposts manned by armed warriors in an endless, but thus far peaceful stand-off.

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