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Dawn of Ragnarok

When the gods play and armies march, the world will be changed forever…

The royal family of Wilderheim has been burdened with a great responsibility. Their duty is to protect the delicate balance between human laws and Other magic. Now, one of Loki’s tricks as set events into motion which threaten the safety of mortals and immortals alike, and it is up to the clan with dragon’s blood in their veins to save them all. If they can survive long enough…

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Series Notes

This series is set in a fantasy realm where magic can be found everywhere and gods still hold dominion over the lives of men. It follows the royal family of Wilderheim, who are destined to change the face of the world. The first book sets the scene, with Saeran and Nialei. The next two tell the stories of their children, Liadan and Fal.  The series is pretty special to me, so I gave it the royal treatment. It’s the first and only series I currently have that’s available in audiobook format. All three books are also combined in a beautiful, complete series hard cover edition. 

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