Writing Tip: The Right Story is Worth the Struggle

Two things I can tell you about writing fiction: It’s hard work It only gets harder When I say it’s hard work, I mean it takes far more than just jotting down what your imagination dictates. The greater part of writing is rewriting. There are stories that practically write themselves, and once you get to the end and read it again, the plot is pretty much good as is. But then there are stories you agonize over every step of the way. You rewrite them a million times and when you finally get to the end you realize you need to rewrite it a hundred times more. That’s just the nature of the beast. The thing about it is you get pickier as you grow. Your first books flow smoothly because you have no expectation of yourself, other than to get the story on paper. But after several rounds of […]

On Get Rich Quick Schemes

Guess it’s a good time to officially introduce my business-side website. It’s a pet project I’ve been planning for a very long time to separate my writing from the author tips/advice/q&a side of it. It’s mainly for new and aspiring writers just getting their feet wet in the industry; something of an overview of how things work, and (because I get ranty sometimes, too) an opinion blog portion where I will share thoughts on current industry events, among other things. ūüôā This is the most recent blog post. I already shared my thoughts on this on Facebook, but wanted to expand on it a little, so I wrote a blog. Enjoy!

Into The Fire

This seems to be becoming a trend, so I figure why not take advantage of inexplicably random flashes of inspiration?¬†You may have noticed a new list of links in the sidebar titled Here There Be Monsters. Every link there is a short story posted on this blog. I’m predominantly a novelist, but every once in a while I get a story idea that isn’t quite enough for such a high word count, but it’s still itching to be told. Lately, those ideas seem to be interrelated in one way or another, so I decided to put them all in one section.


Thank you to Kim Iverson for inspiring this little piece with her search for smexy stock imagery. The video share of “Animals” by Maroon 5 put the final nail in the coffin of my resolution to write it.


I was honored recently to be asked to review an ARC of a collection of short stories by Michael Chambers. It made me remember how much I used to love writing them myself and it sparked a desire to write a new one. Then fellow author Lincoln Farish pitched an elaborate idea for a psychological thriller and it spawned this little baby.

20 Questions

Saw this on Facebook and thought it’d be fun to do… So here we go!   1.) What is you Author name? Alianne Donnelly 2.) What is the first book you ever published?¬†Blood Moons 3.) What is your publiversary?¬†September 27, 2010 4.) What is you favorite book you’ve written thus far?¬†Wolfen 5.) What book took you the longest to write?¬†Blood Hunt 6.) How long did it take you?¬†Over 2 years, on and off. Incidentally, it is now also my least favorite book written thus far. Just because it was such a pain in the ass. 7.) What kind of music (if any) do you listen to while you write? Depends on what I’m writing. For fantasy, I recently found that the Witcher 3 soundtrack is amazing for inspiration. Anything else, I either randomize all my songs or play nature sounds. 8.) Who is you favorite character from any of your […]

Huh… Funny Coincidence…

Tomorrow, on September 27, 2015, an interesting celestial event will be happening. The moon will be at its closest distance to Earth, creating a supermoon. At the same time, it will also be eclipsed, effectively creating a super blood moon. Or blood supermoon. You can read the article here. Explaining how that works. The more interesting event (she says humbly, sitting up straighter at her computer desk) is that Blood Moons will go live across all platforms. I take this as a sign of amazing things to come. I wish I could say I had planned things to happen this way, but honestly, it just happened. I happened to want the re-release date to be the same as the original release date, because I’m sentimental like that. And it just so happened that this fell on a Sunday, when I actually have a chance to celebrate and enjoy it. The […]