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The Beast

Bastien – Chapter 3

And now, for your reading pleasure, chapter three of Bastien. If you’ve missed the previous ones, check out Chapter One and Chapter Two. There will be one more chapter posted next week before the release on May 5. Enjoy!

Bastien – Chapter 2

As promised, to celebrate the release of Bastien on May 5, 2012, here is this week’s chapter. If you haven’t read chapter one, you can find it here. Be warned, there is adult content in it. Happy reading!

Me, Mia and Some Other Weres

Once upon a time, there was a famous author called Karen Marie Moning who had a message board and chat room. One night, overcome with curiosity, I clicked on the chat room link and found myself thrust into the middle of a conversation that was mostly consisting of “LMAO!” and “ROFL!!” and a whole lot of smiley faces and random characters.

This was a place I could relate to! It only took me a few minutes to join in on the hilarity, which turned out to be the beginning of an amazing friendship between a small group of people scattered all around the continent.

Coming Soon – Bastien (The Beast)

That, and technical difficulties. >_< (UPDATE: these have now been resolved)

You will notice a few of things different on my website today. One is that I've added a Downloads tab. Click it and you will find some awesome wallpapers for download. The second is that The Beast is now a novella and a series title. No, it's not a mistake. And yes, they're both connected.