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On Writing

Acclaim for Blood Moons

This is where blogspot falls a little short of allowing me to capture a moment. I actually went looking for an animated dancing smiley but all I found was the annoying bananas. I would never do that to someone lol… Read More »Acclaim for Blood Moons


My house is being remodeled. The bathroom was already demolished and redone, the kitchen and rooms have been repainted, but one bathroom is just getting started and since my bedroom was repainted and I had to take everything off the… Read More »Chaos


I first found out about this two years ago and for those two years I participated “unofficially,” meaning that I didn’t join the website or post my results but I kept track of what I wrote. I’ll admit I cheated… Read More »NaNoWriMo


There are writers who believe their words are sacred and will fight tooth and nail to keep from having to edit their work. I am not one of them. I was taught early on that re-writing is as important, if… Read More »Editing

Writer’s Block

It always comes to that at some point, doesn’t it? I am sitting here, starting at the computer screen, one and a half chapters away from finishing a story, and it’s like trying to pull a hairclip from a wooly… Read More »Writer’s Block


Hello, and welcome to my blog! It’s not much yet. A work in progress, if you will, but don’t get discouraged; there’s more to come soon. You probably don’t know me, so allow me to introduce myself. My name is… Read More »Greetings!