20 Questions

Saw this on Facebook and thought it’d be fun to do… So here we go!   1.) What is you Author name? Alianne Donnelly 2.) What is the first book you ever published? Blood Moons 3.) What is your publiversary? September 27, 2010 4.) What is you favorite book you’ve written thus […]

Fight to Live, or Live to Fight

This is where I present to you an inspirational post about persistence and being strong in the face of defeat. Only it isn’t. I don’t want to talk about holding on today. I kind of want to address the concept of letting go. There are plenty of people (inspirational speakers […]

Exorcising The Blurb

Call it a synopsis, a back copy, a blurb, or Satan’s revenge upon writers, the 200 or less words that describe a book always have the power to reduce a writer to tears. Over ten book into the game, I can honestly say I still hate blurbage with a passion. […]