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Blood and Shadows


Nothing I can say here could ever come close to describing how it feels to read an acceptance letter. It’s something you need to experience on your own skin to understand. I’ve been dancing and jumping around since I got… Read More »Happiness

Blood Debts

Status: In Progress Synopsis: Just what will it take for Amelia to get her life back to normal? Had it ever been normal to begin with? The answer is waiting for her in her kitchen. Sitting at her table, pointing… Read More »Blood Debts

Blood Trails

Status: Finished 1st Draft Short Synopsis: Okay, so warping her scientist sister’s research and trying to make herself a shape shifter probably wasn’t the best idea. But at least Hailey finally got the recognition she deserved. That would be great…… Read More »Blood Trails

Blood Moons

Status: Finished Short Synopsis: What makes us good or bad? How far does moral obligation stretch? When Dara called the police about a murder she witnessed, she knew she’d end up taking the fall. After all, it’s not like she… Read More »Blood Moons