Baby It’s Cold Outside And You’ve Got Work To Do!

Hello and welcome to the first Just Romance BlogHop of 2014! If you’re just joining us, you can check out all the participating authors from the beginning by clicking the picture below: [gigya src=’’ quality=’high’ wmode=’transparent’ width=’250′ height=’21’ bgcolor=’#ffffff’ lan=’en’ allowScriptAccess=’always’ flashvars=’url=’] And now here’s my contribution to the warm chills and heated shivers: An excerpt from my latest release, The Royal Wizard. Winter days are perfect for getting cozy and learning a little magic, wouldn’t you agree? 😉 * * * * * Concentrate * * * * * “Listen until you hear everything. Every movement of the air as you breathe, every beat of your heart, the hum of the candle flame, the chatter of mice…everything.” Saeran shifted to find a more comfortable position and strained his ears to listen. “I hear nothing.” “You are not listening hard enough. Concentrate. It helps if you close your eyes.” She […]

Midsummer Night’s Dream Men

Hello and welcome to another fantastic blog hop! If you’re just joining us, check out the hop from the beginning. Just click here. The theme for this one is Midsummer Night’s Dream Men and the moment I heard it, I knew I would be sharing an excerpt from BLOOD DEBTS because not only is Gabriel one of my dream men, he features rather prominently in some very naughty dreams Dr. Amelia Chase has. I had two to choose from. This one is the… shall we say tamer of the two. 😉 Scroll down and enjoy! A Dream For The Journals She was in her solarium, but it felt more like a jungle. The plants were overgrown, hiding the pathway completely. The entire floor was covered with soft moss. It was hot and humid, the glass walls and ceiling trapping heat inside. Amelia followed a path from memory to the artificial waterfall. […]

Love a Tree, Read an E-Book Blog Hop

Greetings! You have found the Love a Tree, Read an E-Book blog hop! If you are just joining us, check out the hop from the beginning. Just click the image below to go back to the start. This is a special event so I am postponing my usual Friday DIYday post until next week, but don’t worry, it will be there 😉 Okay, so Earth Day is not exactly a pagan holiday, but it’s as close to it as modern society will probably ever get to honoring the Earth which, you know, keeps us all alive. I was going to post another episode of Wacky Weres but then I realized I have something better. So instead, I am sharing a little excerpt from my latest release The Royal Wizard, which is both pagan and a teasy. Enjoy! * * * Beltaine * * * Torches were lit all at once when […]

On the 4th Day of Christmas, Santa gave to me…

Hi and welcome to the Jingle Bell Hop! If you’ve stumbled here first, click here and check out the Blog Hop from the beginning. Really, it’s more enjoyable that way. And now, the 4th day of Christmas: Four Ex-Boyfriends Calling Breakfast in bed. Braith smiled sleepily and stretched, careful not to disturb the tray of goodies. “Good morning,” Jake said and kissed her just as she was about to wish him the same. “G’mornin’,” she replied. “What’s all this?” “Oh, this? This is nothing. Just something to get you into holiday spirits. I have the whole day planned.” Braith raised an eyebrow but left it at that. She already knew there was no point trying to pry anything out of Jake. When it came to surprises, he was worse than the sphinx. So instead she ate her breakfast, croissants, fruit and coffee with a healthy side of Jake. It was […]

The Story of Before and After

Hello! And welcome to the Labor Day Blog Hop. As the title suggests, we have some working men on tap this weekend. And I myself have a “before” and “after.” In case you stumbled upon this page by accident but are just titillated enough to want more, check out the entire Hop. It starts here. And now on to the good stuff:   “Right there,” she said. “Yeah, deeper. Deeper, as far as you can go. That’s it.” He grunted and bore down. “Perfect. Twist a little, yeah just like that. A little farther, yesyesyes!” “Woman, will you shut up and let me do this?” “But you’re almost there! Just a little–” “Well maybe if you moved your ass a little I could get some leverage.” Blushing, Linda shifted enough that her head wasn’t hovering over the sink anymore. Breathing half in relief and half with defeat, Damon pulled his […]

Midsummer Blog Hop

If you’ve stumbled here first, click here to see the bloghop from the very beginning. This time I am putting my hunk up at the top (tee hee) because that’s what’s most important, isn’t it? ;D There’s also a story, so scroll down and enjoy!   Bran dropped his bag in the corner of the little closet of a room they’d put him up in. The clock on the nightstand said 5pm. They hadn’t adjusted it to daylight savings. He checked his phone for the scheduled reminder of exact time of sunset. His muscles twitched with the need to make time move faster. Feeling restless and feverish after the hellride up here, went out to look for the bathroom, wincing every time his heavy boots banged down on the quaint hardwood floors. “Oh, hello John,” the hostess said coming out of the bathroom. Her eyes were almost scared and the […]

I’m Not Irish But Kiss Me Anyway

  Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here we are again with another blog hop and let me tell you, this one was a blast to put together. If you’ve stumbled onto here by accident but like what you see, check out the rest of the blog hop! It starts right here. And now the reason you’re here in the first place: The story! ~ * ~ Weather forecast said rainy Dublin. Huh, who would have figured? Rain. In Ireland. And Gin spending her last week of vacation here. Bloody brilliant, as the locals said. Or did they? Hmm, she wouldn’t know. Because she hadn’t stepped foot out of her hotel room in three days because of the freaking rain! Pack light, they said. Whatever you need you can buy when you get there. It’s meant to be fun, just let loose, be wild. Kiss a stranger with tongue. Find your one […]

Happy early Valentine’s Day!

Hope you all are in a loving mood 😉 I know this is just a Hallmark holiday created to make people spend money on weird stuff like eatable underwear , yada yada yada. The way I see it, any day to be nice to each other and enjoy each other is a great thing. So for that reason, I made this bloghop my challenge: A picture says a thousand words. (I think mine came out to a little more than a thousand) I wrote this in an hour and dearly hope I didn’t leave in any typos. Without further ado, here is the picture and the story that goes with it:       Her building didn’t have an elevator. Lisa’s feet were killing her in the new Prada shoes. She toed them off and carried them up the stairs to her luxurious third floor condo. The only thing she […]