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Reinventing The Wheel

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the moment you root your feet, you get struck by a speeding bus. Okay, maybe that’s a little harsher than I intended, but the sentiment is sound. The only constant in this universe is change, and that holds true for everything in life: relationships, business, art, culture, language, and everything in between. We come to expect it, get bored when nothing happens for a while. But we tend to develop a serious blind spot when it comes to ourselves.

Photo credit: Vaikoovery

Photo credit: Vaikoovery

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Black Friday Sale: WOLFEN 75% OFF

WOLFEN on sale for Thanksgiving week only at Use coupon code YZ66F to get 75% off at checkout. Not available anywhere else. Sale ends 11.29.2015.

Blood Hunt Release Date

Good morning and happy Friday! A quick announcement for your pre-weekend today. Last Sunday, I sent out a Newsletter with a full chapter of Blood Hunt and its official release date.  That chapter won’t be reposted anywhere else. Sorry if… Read More »Blood Hunt Release Date

A New Age Dawns

Blood Moons on pre-sale, re-release for eBook and print: 9/27/2015. Dragonborn has an official blurb!

Alianne Donnelly

I was interviewed by author Sophia Valentine! Click to read at Sophia’s blog.