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OCT. 2016








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“Stay close,” he warned. “The Elderwood is a treacherous old bitch.”

“The Elderwood is my second home,” she returned, but tightened her hold on Emer’s reins all the same. “If you can’t handle it, you should have stayed in yours.” A cold breeze raised goose bumps along her bare arms. Too quiet. The forest ought to have been buzzing with night creatures.

“Oh, that’s right. I forgot I was travelling with a foreskin-collecting savage.” Haig’s voice was tense, lacking his irreverent lilt of humor. Did he sense the same thing she did?

“There’s a glen not far from here. We can camp there for the rest of the night.” Water behaved in strange ways in the Elderwood, appearing and disappearing in the blink of an eye, leading travelers astray. Places where it remained static created watering holes that were considered sacred by humans as well as animals of all species. No blood could be spilled in them.

“How rustic,” he said. “I suppose it’s too much to ask for a traveler’s inn?”

“This close to the border, you wouldn’t find anything but thieves’ dens and brothels.”

“Excellent! Which way?”

Aislin bit back an annoyed growl. “Haven’t you had enough of that for one day?”

“My dear Ash, one can never have enough of that.”

An owl hooted not far ahead.

Aislin pulled her hunting knife out of her boot sheath. “We’re being watched.”

“The Elderwood’s eyes see all,” Haig quoted. “If you hear whispers, let me know immediately.”


“They might be forest nymphs looking for a lover.”

She rolled her eyes. “Forest nymphs are a myth.”

“You don’t know that!”

“And even if they weren’t, the legend you’re referring to says they kill their lovers upon sunrise.”

A pause. “I honestly can’t think of a better way to die.”

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As the most loyal of Snow White’s dedicated Rebel Court, Haig Cavanaugh has never failed to complete a mission. Now that the war is over, he might be spending his time on far more pleasurable pursuits, but a soldier never truly stops being a soldier. When Snow White once again calls on her trusted allies, Haig is ready and willing to answer.

There’s only one problem. His partner for this task is the Huntsman’s beautiful daughter, Aislin and to her, mixing business with pleasure is a totally foreign concept. Happily, their mission leads into the depths of the mysterious Elderwood, where all sorts of things have been known to happen. The nights are warm, the ground is soft, and Haig happens to be a very practical kind of guy. Who cares if he’s the hunter or the prey? All that matters is that he gets Aislin naked and willing in his arms in the end. And that she doesn’t find out what their mission really entails…

Book Reviews

"Ms. Donnelly's reinterpretation of Snow White's world fascinates me.[...] This story captured my attention and I hope to read the next book in this series. Her story is spell binding. Recommended for romance readers who wonder if happily ever afters last. In this world, they do."

La Crimson Femme

"A creative and entertaining reworking of Snow White, or rather what comes after Snow is queen. This story had interesting characters, a fun magical world, and hot love scenes."

Allie Rich, Author

"As usual Alianne delivers the heat, in this steamy adventure with plenty of tension and a nice twist here and there. Love the characters and definitely will be reading more."

Amazon Verified Purchase

"I'd like to take a moment to appreciate just how UNBELIEVABLY well the setting in this story was described! This author's use of description is fantastic! I love when I can so perfectly visualize where the characters are and what's going on and Donnelly has managed to pull that off without a jumbling excess of words.[...] This is an excellent work of erotic fantasy that I will be recommending for adults seeking a little extra something something to their late night reads."

Good Books with Tea

"This is a highly entertaining book! Mainly because of Haig Cavanaugh. He's cheeky, blatantly unapologetic about sex, especially the fact that he loves it and that "one can never have enough of that".[...] I can't wait to know more about them in succeeding books!"

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