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Glossary of Terms

Aesma Daeva - God of lust, anger, wrath, revenge, violence, conflict and war. Antithesis to Ahura Mazda

Asgard - Realm of the Northern gods

Cernunnos - A secretive horned god of wild things. Little is known about him, other than he has a gift of bringing rival species together in peace. He can also create new species. He rewards those he likes with pouches of gold coins.  His symbol is a rack of antlers, and a torc.

Daeva - Demonkind, male spirit of chaos, disorder and evil

Fenrir - The great wolf foretold to devour everything, including the gods themselves during Ragnarok

Fire Sprites - A clan of Others made of fire. They appear to be diminutive, like floating embers, but they are no less Powerful for their size. They can be mischievous and temperamental, leading humans by their hearts and passions. In battle, they wield the full force of fire.

Hel - Goddess of the realm of the dead, daughter of Loki

Helheim - Realm of the dead, a place for those who did not earn their place in Valhalla

Ice Fey - A clan of Others who live in a land of eternal ice and snow. They are characterized by white hair and often have blue markings tattooed into their dark skin. They fight in golden armor and weapons made of ice and light. Known for their fierceness in battle, they sometimes fight in human conflicts to turn the tide of war.

Inaras - Queen of heaven, great mother, goddess of fertility, love and war

Loki - Half-giant god of mischief, known to play tricks on gods and humans alike, foretold to bring about the end of the world: Ragnarok

Ragnarok - A prophecy of the end of an age, when the great wolf Fenrir will break out of his binds and devour all the worlds and the gods themselves 

Sidhe - A clan of royal Fae. Cold, logical, beautiful, and Powerful. They are often seen as either the leaders of all Other clans, or their designated rulers. In some ways, they are the law makers for all Others. Not all clans accept their judgments.

Tir - God of war who sacrificed his hand to trick Fenrir into stasis.

Trackers - A clan of Others with a unique ability to find anything or anyone in any realm. They are highly prized and feared for this. Exclusively female, they have the body of a doe and the torso of a woman. When angered, their veins stand out black against their skin.

Tree Nymphs - A clan of Others whose life force is bound to her tree. Exclusively female. Tree nymphs can live in their trees and step out of them to freedom, but they can never go too far from their tree. If the tree is harmed, the nymph will feel its pain. If it is killed, the nymph will become human and wither to death.

Ulfhednar - Woden's special warriors, akin to Berserkers. Exclusively male. Fearsome wolf shape shifters with supernatural strength and speed. They can kill a soldier with a single blow and, in warfare, are used as shock troops.

Undines - A clan of Other creatures made of water. Undines dwell in lakes and rivers. They can be playful, but they become fearsome when threatened.  Because they're made of water, they cannot be killed by conventional weapons.

Vayu - Wind god, rules the void between light and dark, even other gods sacrifice to him

Water Sprites - A clan of Others who dwell in waters, but are not made of water. Their voices can heal or kill, and they use them rarely, communicating with their thoughts instead. They have the ability to travel through waterways between Otherlands.

Woden - All-Father of the gods. Gave up one of his eyes for the wisdom of seeing everything, past, present, and future

Wraiths - A clan of Others who appear as ghostly women with pale skin and bleeding eyes. They usually appear to right a terrible wrong, or to punish someone for a crime. They do so by infecting their prey with disease and malady.

Aegiros - Desert kingdom in the south, instigators of the Aegiran war

Anderheim - An Otherland that mimics Wilderheim, created as an illusion by Pince Fal of Frastmir

Clerics - An order of men and women whose calling is to acquire, share, and preserve knowledge

Crossroads - City in Wilderheim, the central point of the kingdom

Dai - Capital city and castle seat of Lyria

Dhakir the Conqueror - King of the Imarah tribe, instigator of the Aegiran war

Dragon Lakes (the) - a group of lakes in Wilderheim in the shape of a dragon

Frastmir - Capital city and castle seat of Wilderheim

Hallowed Mountain - A peak of the mountain range north of the castle city of Frastmir, location of the cleric's temple

Journey (the) - A quest to join the order of clerics, consisting of a physical trek up to Hallowed Mountain, and a mental test of truth

Journeyman - Someone (man, woman, or child) who is undertaking the Journey to become a cleric

Journeyman's Sanctuary - Ancient magic imbued in the land itself that protects Journeymen from malice and assault on their path to the cleric's temple

Lyria - Kingdom neighboring Wilderheim to the west, home of Saeran’s uncle, King Halden

Palos - Castle city of Synealee and castle seat of Queen Genevieve

Ravetia - Kingdom to the east of Wilderheim, seat of King Gavriil

Synealee - Kingdom to the south of Lyria. Also known as Synealee by the Sea, seat of Queen Genevieve

Wilderheim - Northern kingdom home of the Dragonblood clan

Aseti - Aegiran term for outcast, someone on the fringe of tribal society forbidden from acquiring work, marrying, or having children

Daeva - Demonkind, male spirit of chaos, disorder and evil

Danna - Aegiran term for uncle

Idrah - Aegiran term of endearment roughly translated as dear one, little heart, darling

Kharesh - Aegiran warrior/assassin, trained in the arts of battle and death

Masar - Aegiran term for slaver or slave driver

Masiranah - Aegiran term for slave harem

Meagara bahran a mi - Aegiran for "Please help me."

Naras tograth fa toran di taprath - Aegiran proverb: "A wise man knows to hold his tongue."

Ramesh feh - Aegiran custom of ending a war and ensuring peace through marriage

Shai'iss - A term which has no simple translation in any other language. It is rarely used, and always with great respect and humility, as it implies an aspect of the soul and its connection to another

Shalla shansher an Imarah - Aegiran war cry, "For the king and tribe."

Shansher - Aegiran title of a tribe leader. The equivalent of a lesser king

Shensari - Aegiran title of a tribe leader's mate or first wife. An honorary title which carries respect, if not authority

Shensari bahran sephri - Aegiran battle cry, calling warriors to the aid of their queen.  Literally, "Your queen needs help"

Sher'nah - Aegiran term for heir or prince

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