There will be more entries added here as I write the series so don’t be confused if you see a term you haven’t seen in the book yet. I am working on it ūüėČ

Aegiros – Desert kingdom in the south, instigators of the Aegiran war

Aesma¬†Daeva –¬†God of¬†lust, anger, wrath, revenge, violence, conflict and war.¬†Antithesis to Ahura Mazda

Aseti Aegiran term for outcast, someone on the fringe of tribal society forbidden from acquiring work, marrying, or having children

Daeva¬†–¬†Demonkind, male spirit of chaos, disorder and evil

Dai – Capital city and castle seat of Lyria

Danna – Aegiran term for uncle

Dhakir the Conqueror – King of the Imarah tribe, instigator of the Aegiran war

Frastmir –¬†Capital city and castle seat of Wilderheim

Idrah – Aegiran term of endearment roughly translated as dear one, little heart, darling

Inaras – Queen of heaven, great mother, goddess of fertility, love and war

Kharesh – Aegiran warrior/assassin, trained in the arts of battle and death.

Lyria –¬†Kingdom neighboring Wilderheim to the west, home of Saeran‚Äôs uncle, King Halden

Masar – Aegiran term for slaver or slave driver

Masiranah – Aegiran term for slave harem

Meagara bahran a mi – Aegiran for “Please help me.”

Naras tograth fa toran di taprath – Aegiran proverb: “A wise man knows to hold his tongue.”

Ramesh feh¬†–¬†Aegiran custom of ending a war and ensuring peace through marriage

Ravetia –¬†Kingdom to the east of Wilderheim, seat of King Gavriil

Shai’iss – A term which has no simple translation in any other language. It is rarely used, and always with great respect and humility, as it implies an aspect¬†of the soul and its connection to another

Shalla shansher an Imarah – Aegiran war cry, “For the king and tribe.”

Shansher¬†–¬†Aegiran title of a tribe leader. The equivalent of a lesser king

Shensari –¬†Aegiran title of a tribe leader’s mate or first wife. An honorary title which carries respect, if not authority

Shensari bahran sephri¬†–¬†Aegiran battle cry, calling warriors to the aid of their queen. ¬†Literally, “Your queen needs help”

Sher’nah – Aegiran term for heir or prince.

Synealee РKingdom to the south of Lyria. Also known as Synealee by the Sea, seat of Queen Genevieve

Vayu –¬†Wind god, rules the void between light and dark, even other gods sacrifice to him

Wilderheim –¬†Northern kingdom home of Nia and Saeran

Woden – All-Father of the gods. Gave up one of his eyes for the wisdom of seeing everything, past, present, and future

Loki ‚Äď Half-giant god of mischief, known to play tricks on gods and humans alike, foretold to bring about the end of the world: Ragnarok