Dawn of Ragnarok

Series Glossary

Aegiros – Desert kingdom in the south, instigators of the Aegiran war

Aesma Daeva – God of lust, anger, wrath, revenge, violence, conflict and war. Antithesis to Ahura Mazda

Aseti Aegiran term for outcast, someone on the fringe of tribal society forbidden from acquiring work, marrying, or having children

Daeva – Demonkind, male spirit of chaos, disorder and evil

Dai – Capital city and castle seat of Lyria

Danna – Aegiran term for uncle

Dhakir the Conqueror – King of the Imarah tribe, instigator of the Aegiran war

Frastmir – Capital city and castle seat of Wilderheim

Idrah – Aegiran term of endearment roughly translated as dear one, little heart, darling

Inaras – Queen of heaven, great mother, goddess of fertility, love and war

Kharesh – Aegiran warrior/assassin, trained in the arts of battle and death.

Lyria – Kingdom neighboring Wilderheim to the west, home of Saeran’s uncle, King Halden

Masar – Aegiran term for slaver or slave driver

Masiranah – Aegiran term for slave harem

Meagara bahran a mi – Aegiran for “Please help me.”

Naras tograth fa toran di taprath – Aegiran proverb: “A wise man knows to hold his tongue.”

Ramesh feh – Aegiran custom of ending a war and ensuring peace through marriage

Ravetia – Kingdom to the east of Wilderheim, seat of King Gavriil

Shai’iss – A term which has no simple translation in any other language. It is rarely used, and always with great respect and humility, as it implies an aspect of the soul and its connection to another

Shalla shansher an Imarah – Aegiran war cry, “For the king and tribe.”

Shansher – Aegiran title of a tribe leader. The equivalent of a lesser king

Shensari – Aegiran title of a tribe leader’s mate or first wife. An honorary title which carries respect, if not authority

Shensari bahran sephri – Aegiran battle cry, calling warriors to the aid of their queen.  Literally, “Your queen needs help”

Sher’nah – Aegiran term for heir or prince.

Synealee – Kingdom to the south of Lyria. Also known as Synealee by the Sea, seat of Queen Genevieve

Vayu – Wind god, rules the void between light and dark, even other gods sacrifice to him

Wilderheim – Northern kingdom home of Nia and Saeran

Woden – All-Father of the gods. Gave up one of his eyes for the wisdom of seeing everything, past, present, and future

Loki – Half-giant god of mischief, known to play tricks on gods and humans alike, foretold to bring about the end of the world: Ragnarok

Dawn of Ragnarok series: