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Novels & Novellas by Series

THE REBEL COURT erotic romance, (urban) fantasy, modern fairy tale, snow white

How does a Rebel catch a Huntress? He makes her want to chase him.
How does a Rebel hold out against the temptation of his childhood love? He doesn’t…
Where can a Rebel find the cure for a witch’s evil curse? In the arms of another…
What does a Rebel do when his past chases him into a corner? He bites…

DAWN OF RAGNAROK high fantasy, fantasy romance, Norse mythology, Persian mythology

When the gods begin to play, mortals tremble...
When demons fly, the world will burn...
When armies march, an age will end...

BLOOD & SHADOWS science fiction, futuristic, PNR, shifter romance

Some secrets ruin lives. Others save them.
A life worth living or one worth dying for?
To escape the fires of hell, you have to be the storm.
The Shadows are gathering. It's time to choose a side.

THE BEAST dark twisted fairy tale, fantasy romance, beauty and the beast

The tale of the Faery cursed prince. Told his way...
The tale of the courageous Beauty. Told her way...
Both novellas included in one volume, eBook/print.

WOLFEN post-apocalypse, dystopia, horror

In the new world order our choice is simple: adapt or die.
Down in the blaze of motherfuckin' glory!

ONES AND ZEROS science fiction stand-alone titles

A computer geek can be a hero, too, you know!
Can an AI machine learn to feel? Should it?

Short Story Collections

HERE THERE BE MONSTERS gothic, macabre, horror