Reading Order:
Catch Me
Dearest Love – starting 8.1.17 –
Sweetest Kiss – in the works –

An erotic romance series set after the happy ending of Snow White’s tale. It follows the hijinks of the seven allies who helped her defeat the evil queen and take the throne of Valefort. This series is first presented in serial format via email. Complete eBook versions will be available at all online retailers after it concludes. To read the stories for free, directly in your inbox, sign up here.


Reading Order:
1. The Royal Wizard
2. Dragonblood
3. Prince of Deceit – in the works –

A high fantasy romance series set in a realm where humans and creatures Other live separated by nothing more than a thin Veil. It recounts the lives of the royal family of Wilderheim, and the parts they play in the coming age of war and change. Each individual love story is begun and ended separately so they can be read as stand-alone, but the books do follow a larger plot which forms the backdrop.


Reading Order:
1. Blood Moons
2. Blood Trails
3. Blood Debts
4. Blood Hunt

A paranormal/sci-fi romance series set in the 31st century, where a scientist has figured out how to give humans the ability to change shape into that of an animal. Though stand-alone, events and characters from previous books of this series feature in the next ones.


Reading Order:
1. Bastien
2. The Beast

A twist on the classic fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast. It is the story of the cursed prince that has never been told. Bastien tells the prince’s version of how and why he became cursed, and recounts the centuries of waiting until Beauty appears. The Beast then takes up several months after the end of Bastien, with Beauty telling her side of how she tried to break the prince’s curse. In this duet, The Beast was written before Bastien, but Bastien happens before The Beast.


Non-Related Books:
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Individual books completely unrelated to each other, or any other series listed on this page. They will vary across theme, genre, and length. Be forewarned, these stories are anything but typical. Genres include post-apocalypse, dystopian, sci-fi, thriller, a hint of romance, adventure, and even a little horror.


A Short Story Collection:
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This is an on-going collection of loosely interrelated short stories with a macabre/horror theme. They’re very quick reads, and all are posted on my blog at sporadic intervals (read: when inspiration strikes and/or I am stuck on all my larger works in progress).