book #2 of Blood & Shadows


OCT. 2011








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“She’s not going in there,” Jeremy told her.

Hailey gaped.

“Excuse me?” Amelia said, raising a perfectly groomed eyebrow.

Jeremy met Hailey’s gaze and spoke to her, rather than her sister. “I gave you my word.”

“What word?” Amelia demanded. “What are you talking about?”

What if I guarantee that you will not be harmed?

Can’t guarantee that. Can’t account for the actions of others.

I will give you my word.

The conversation came back to her as if they were having it all over again. Funny, for a second there, seeing her sister, Hailey had forgotten all of her fears about coming here in the first place.

What’s in there? she asked in her mind, the question directed at him. What did you see that made you change your mind?

“You know,” Jeremy said to Amelia, but he kept holding Hailey’s gaze, “I like to believe the best of people. I thought Hailey’s fears were unfounded, that the bond between siblings meant a hell of a lot more than some science experiment. Now I realize my judgment was clouded by my own experiences.” Then he met Amelia’s gaze dead-on. “See, I would die for my sister. I thought you would, too.”

His words tugged at Hailey’s heart. She hoped to God she didn’t look all doe-eyed just then. That would be embarrassing. When he met her gaze, he gave a little squeeze on her arm, and his thumb brushed back and forth once. In assurance? Her knight in shining armor, coming to her rescue. Even after she’d spurned him.

I’ll always come to your rescue, he said in a tone that said she should know this by now.

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The plan was simple: show everyone how brilliant she really is. Fast forward past everything going horribly wrong to where Hailey is now… dying. The only upside left is the gorgeous mind reader who seems to have trouble staying out of her most unguarded fantasies. Too bad he’s dragging her back to the one place she doesn’t want to go.

The plan is never simple–and this new assignment is making it painfully clear that ‘normal’ is just not meant for Jeremy. It couldn’t be as easy as getting the impossible female back home. No, he has to play protector to a woman who doesn’t want one, doesn’t need one, and has a tendency to cause total chaos with one heated look.

But time is running out and the seemingly imagined threat is far more real than either of them anticipated. When all comes down to a single choice, which will it be: A life worth living, or one worth dying for?

Book Reviews

"I don’t want to give spoilers, so I won’t be able to tell you all my favorite parts of this story – so, all I’ll say is you really should give this series; this author a try! I love most shifter romances, but this is not like most shifter romances. Such a unique series with so much danger, struggle, intensity, and so much more! The Blood Series by Alianne Donnelly is a definite must read!"

Susan The Mom Blogger

"Loved this book. Hailey is such a firecracker I love that she keeps Jeremy on his toes and that Jeremy helps to ground Hailey. There is passion and suspense in this book. You might even shed a tear or yell at it at some points I know I did. Cannot wait to see what comes next in the series. Love it great job."

B&N Reader Review

"Shifters, telepaths and a sneaky psychopath make for enjoyable, easy reading. It's a curl-up-on-the-sofa-with-a-cuppa kind of book. I highly recommend to fans of para-Rom."

Amazon Verified Purchase

"I like that we get to know some of the side characters from the first book a little more. I feel the heroine's catch phrase should be "I will cut you", since that seems to be her life motto for everything 😀 a refreshing approach when most either start out weak & barely have character development, or start out too over powered & unbelievable."

Amazon Verified Purchase

"I have really grown to love this author's writing style and world building. the world's she creates are so out there that you can't help but be amazed. her characters are likeable and relatable."

Goodreads Reader Review