A life worth living,
or one worth dying for? Choose…

BS2The plan was simple: show everyone how brilliant she really is. Fast forward past everything going horribly wrong to where Hailey is now… dying. The only upside left is the gorgeous mind reader who seems to have trouble staying out of her most unguarded fantasies. Too bad he’s dragging her back to the one place she doesn’t want to go.
The plan is never simple – and this new assignment is making it painfully clear that ‘normal’ is just not meant for Jeremy. It couldn’t be as easy as getting the impossible female back home. No, he has to play protector to a woman who doesn’t want one, doesn’t need one, and has a tendency to cause total chaos with one heated look.

But time is running out and the seemingly imagined threat is far more real than either of them anticipated. When all comes down to a single choice, which will it be: A life worth living, or one worth dying for?

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From Alianne:

“Confession: I always think of Blood Trails as my least favorite, but then I read it, I always change my mind. Maybe it’s because I’ve heard Hailey referred to as unlikable. Personally, I like her just fine. She breaks the mold of every romance heroine–she becomes her own hero and saves her boyfriend, rather than get saved by him. She’s a woman of action (if not always forethought) which is the complete opposite of me. I’d definitely be friends with her in real life.”

Favorite Scene: The night Hailey and Jeremy go out to check out the parade.