book #4 of Blood & Shadows


NOV. 2015








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He lowered into a crouch in front of her. “Nobody’s shoving you into an oven, Emma. We’re warriors not—”

“You’re soldiers,” she snapped, somehow offended. It gave her something to grasp on to, and for once she felt almost… lucid. “Don’t flatter yourself. It’s not very attractive.”

“Warriors, soldiers. I don’t see the difference.”

Emma pushed away the forkful of food that suddenly hovered in front of her mouth and squinted instead at the soldier’s face. John, was it? She remembered something about him being a John. He looked like a John. No different than millions of other guys named John.

What were they talking about? Oh yeah. “It’s the difference between a staircase and an elevator,” she explained.

“If you say so,” he murmured, bringing the fork forward a second time.

Emma pushed it away. “No, I do say so. An elevator goes up and down. People push buttons and you stop wherever they want to, whether you like it or not. Staircase, a lot more work, but you choose which floor to go to and you don’t go anywhere else.”

There was that damn fork again! Frustrated with her own convoluted thought process as much as with him, she knocked the fork out of his grip, then slapped her hands to his face to make him pay attention. “Listen to me! Soldiers follow orders without question.” She looked him dead in the eye. “A warrior thinks for himself.”

I won’t be one of them. I won’t! This room would kill her. She could feel it coming, brain cells separating, dying one by one, turning her gray matter to mush until nothing was left of her. Still better than voluntarily killing them all at once. Emma would rather die than become a zombie.

John the soldier gently grasped her wrists, pulled her hands away, and placed them into her lap. Then he pushed to his feet and walked out.

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They call themselves the Shadows. As a Hawk, their most capable hunter, John Wayland has a new assignment to complete: Capture a telepath. Emma Calen is easy prey. A young girl on the run from the law, cut off from her own people, she falls right into his clutches. It isn’t long, however, before he discovers that catching her was the easy part. Watching her fall to pieces before his eyes is what will test him the most. But surely this can’t last much longer… can it?

When a soldier sweeps down on Emma and chases her out of hiding, she is sure it’s to make her pay for her crime. But this is no ordinary soldier and the people he’s working for are not after her record, they want her mind. Locked in a hell specially designed for telepaths, Emma has a front row seat to the disintegration of her own sanity. They want to break her. They will fail. Emma will die before she lets the Shadows use her against her family and friends. But maybe there is still hope for her. A delicate, fragile sliver of hope in the most unlikely place of all. The Shadow Hawk guarding the door.

Book Reviews

"I loved all the books in this series, but this one is my favorite! Alianne Donnelly weaves a love story during chaos and war, proving that even the so-called damaged can love. "

Smashwords Reader Review

"Dark, super dark. A sweet tempered side character I was looking forward to reading about, only to have things turn extremely dark & undeserved for her. Every now and than it's nice to read an uncomfortable book that pushes your own limits & makes you look at the world through a new lens. My perspective was definitely challenged by this book."

Amazon Reader Review

"The series continues to get better and better. It's not a typical sci fi romance. The characters go thru hell and things are not so neat and tidy at the end. Loved John & Emma's story. Can not wait for the next one."

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"I loved this book. The heroine reminded me of River from Firefly. The dialogue made me smile, and I liked the evolution of the hero throughout the book. This is absolutely the best book in this series, and I think even a reader who hasn't read the prequels could pick it up and follow along without much trouble."

Goodreads Reader Review