To escape the fires of hell,
you have to be the storm

BS3Some things a woman can never prepare for. Like being locked inside her own home with a maniac who insists that she inject him with a highly unstable virus and help him liberate a planet. Oh, but Amelia’s not a hostage, she’s an employee. Bad enough he’s so eager to die, but he keeps asking for far more than her doctor-patient responsibilities. And the longer Amelia spends with him, the more reasonable it all seems. The trouble comes when reason starts to fail her.

All Gabriel has left to lose is his life, which he will gladly give up if he can take his enemies down with him. To do that, he’ll need an advantage only Dr. Chase can provide–if she agrees. With the face of an angel and the devil’s hand on her shoulder, every rumor about the female has turned out to be true, and Gabriel soon finds there is something he desires even more than his long overdue revenge. But the wheels have already been set in motion and there may be far more at stake than Gabriel ever realized…

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From Alianne:

“I sometimes get asked, ‘So which heroine is you?’ The truth is, I never write myself into my books, but in terms of how she is perceived and how she interacts with people, Amelia is the closest any heroine of mine has ever come. Her trust is not easily won, and neither is her heart. She values honesty above all else, and if Gabriel had told her a single lie, he’d have lost his chance forever. Luckily, Gabriel seems to pretty much say whatever happens to pop into his mind.”

Favorite Scene: The baseball bat to the ribs. *evil laugh*