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This is something new I haven’t tried before. Allow me to introduce you to some of the characters you’ll meet in the 5th installment of the Blood & Shadows series.

Laura McNally

As a persuasive telepath, Laura can sense a person’s intent and change it to her will. She has lived her entire life on the rural world of Anamtaigh. After her best friend left to join the Shadow army, she married William Belden and, together, they founded a school/refuge for local kids.

Finnegan Rowe

Born on Anamtaigh, Finn was recruited into the Shadows at age 18 and got ranked as a Hawk. He defected from the Shadows at the beginning of the war and has been in hiding ever since. Although he has strong connections to the Special Unit, he does not ally with them in any official capacity.

William Belden

William belongs to one of the richest families in the galaxy and is heir to a massive fortune. He also suffers from a degenerative disease which is slowly killing him. His marriage to Laura allowed them to fund their school/refuge, but when the war broke out, the Shadows cut off their access to the funds.

Quinn VanWarren

Quinn was born with a genetic condition which affected his muscle tissue. He has the strength of ten men, but the condition has damaged his heart muscle. He is now in need of a heart transplant but, being cut off from the rest of civilization along with all of Laura’s household, he doesn’t have access to proper medical care.

Eskel (No Last Name)

Eskel  started his career as a doctor in Hadran City a few months before the first Shadow attack. On that day, he was at ground zero with Laura and her group. He helped get the survivors to safety, and then joined Laura’s company in their compound in Karsengale. Eskel is the primary medic for the group.


15 year old rebel, native to the town of Avencore. He attended the local high school until the Shadows started scoping out the students. He, along with half of the other students no longer attend class there. But Moss is always looking for opportunities to make Shadow lives miserable…

Latham Bigellow (aka "Talon")

Latham is a former Shadow, ranked as a Hound. His unimpressive service record led to his desertion before the war. Since then, he has established his own, corrupted version of a Shadow outpost on Anamtaigh and adopted the name Talon. His ambition is to restore the Shadows to their former glory under his command.

Vega Ortiz

Vega’s career as a Shadow was sabotaged by her commanding officer, who disqualified her from Hawk training into Hound rank. She was in the same unit as Finn and Latham. When the war broke out, she found herself cornered and forced to join Latham’s group, where she has been stuck ever since. She enjoys knives, and keeping her own counsel.

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