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WARNING: Potential spoilers ahead. Expand at your own risk.

Is this series finished?

Short answer: No.


Longer answer: Before I wrote book 4, I had begun a short novella that would have taken place shortly after book 1 and involved a couple of characters from that book. I never finished it, but it's still there in my files. When I wrote book 4, one of the side characters had such a strong presence and loud voice I thought maybe I could keep the series going. I even came up with concepts, titles, and book covers for 3 additional books to add to the series. But book 4 burned me out so much I couldn't even think of going back to it, so the idea, along with all its notes and materials, got shelved.


With that said, I can now happily say that book 5, Shadow Hawk, is scheduled for release in the latter part of 2023, and there will be at least one more full-length novel to follow.

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