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Blood & Shadows

War is brewing and the Shadows are on the move. It’s time to choose a side…

Humanity has already survived the worst fallout in history, but it hasn’t come out unscathed. Now, civil unrest is growing as those who are aware that people with extraordinary abilities now exist choose to label them a threat. Another war looms as the two sides wage their battles in the shadows, tearing families apart, thrusting couples together, while the rest of civilization gets caught in the crossfire.

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Series Notes

This series is set far in the future, beginning in the year 3028. Humanity has survived a terrible war that had affected birth rates to the point where scientific intervention was necessary. Every individual born has to be chemically treated soon after birth in order to live a full, fertile life and for population growth to sustain itself. But this practice has caused a rift in society with some condemning the practice as unnatural, even harmful. Meanwhile, the government has noticed a rising number of people showing resistance to the treatments and has authorized experiments to be conducted on prison inmates to test the effects and implications. 

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