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The Power of Dreams

It’s been proven that people go mad without dreams. Dreaming is our mind’s way of sorting through information our consciousness didn’t have time to while we were awake. It helps us make sense of things, come up with solutions to problems, or just take a break from reality for a while. I know my dreams are very much influenced by my waking life, but I’ve found it works the other way, too.   What I dream influences how I view the world, how I react to it, and in a small way, how it reacts to me. Well, sometimes it’s in a bigger way. And sometimes it’s not quite dreams, more like day dreams… translated onto the page, perhaps. This… Read More »The Power of Dreams

Contest Results

First off, Happy New Year!!!! I wish you all the best in 2011, may all your dreams come true =D At my house we lit sparklers at midnight and the smoke alarm went off. We were so busy opening all the doors and windows that we forgot to toast the new year! But at least we all had a laugh. The New Year’s Eve contest is officially over (next time I have to remember to announce it earlier) I’m feeling jolly and generous at the moment and since there have been only a handful of entries I want to reward all of you. Winners of Blood Moons e-books: desdemona59 Lizzielvr Levown Night Wanderer   Grand prize winner of the $25… Read More »Contest Results

New Year’s Eve Contest

The time has come! In 24 hours the year will officially be 2011. I don’t know about you but this year has been a rollercoaster for me, with more ups than downs. Still, I am glad to see it go and looking forward to what the next year will bring. I’m not one for making resolutions (I always forget I made them) but my hope for 2011 is that I can enjoy it to the fullest with my family, friends, and loved ones. To bid farewell to 2010 and kick off 2011 the right way, I am opening this contest for all who are interested. I debated long and hard about what it should be and in the end decided… Read More »New Year’s Eve Contest

Contest Announcement

In celebration of all the good this year has brought me, I will be hosting a contest on the day of New Year’s Eve. It will go up at midnight (12am PST) on December 31st and run the entire day. I will announce the winners after midnight (12am PST) on January 1st. The prizes will be downloads of Blood Moons and one grand prize: a $25 Amazon gift card. Pass this on to your friends – the more the merrier!

Life and Other Dramas

  Last weekend turned out to be a veritable study of Murphy’s Law. Between failed plans, delayed flights, crazy (by West Coast standards) weather and what can only be described as city shock compounded by jetlag, it was an interesting trip to the Big Apple. You know you’re on a strange planet when the souvenir shop clerk glares haughtily at the obvious tourist and gives her a sour ItolerateyoubecauseIcan’tslapyou smile when she comes up to the cash register to pay for her purchase, the cab driver refuses her fare because the destination is too far, and the bus driver lets her on for spare change, seeing her obvious distress in the middle of the night. Total role reversal there from… Read More »Life and Other Dramas


It was down to the wire there, I got over 6,000 words done one night and was going to do the last 4,000 the next but at 3,500 my brain just shut down and I had to go sleep. I finished it today with about 500 extra and heaved a sigh of relief. At least one goal fulfilled. My house is finally back to normal, both bathrooms thankfully operational, and I have a new book case, courtesy of my very sweet, very talented dad. It’s still a little odorous from the laquer but as soon as it airs out my books will have a shiny new home. I can’t wait to put them all in place so I can unpack… Read More »NaNoWriMo DONE

Acclaim for Blood Moons

This is where blogspot falls a little short of allowing me to capture a moment. I actually went looking for an animated dancing smiley but all I found was the annoying bananas. I would never do that to someone lol Failing that, I resort to writing about what I want to say. I know, novel idea. All puns intended.   I got a post on my Facebook Wall today about a review for Blood Moons. This makes it the third 5-star review in a row! Needless to say, I am over the moon and bouncing off the walls on the inside. I cannot even tell you how happy I am that this story is being so well received. It’s a… Read More »Acclaim for Blood Moons


My house is being remodeled. The bathroom was already demolished and redone, the kitchen and rooms have been repainted, but one bathroom is just getting started and since my bedroom was repainted and I had to take everything off the walls I have a bunch of boxes with books and papers and no inclination to go rooting through it all. Especially since I have nowhere to put it yet. All this means that “work” is going slow. I’ve fallen behind on NaNoWriMo but the progress I have made so far on the things I’m writing make me happy that I’m getting somewhere so it’s not all bad. I’m still chin deep in Rome so I’m not even looking for the… Read More »Chaos

Take THAT, writer’s block!

Everyone goes through it. Haven’t met a writer who didn’t get stuck once in a while. When it happens to me, and if it drags on too long, I tend to work on other stuff. Which can be great when you have more than one project going on. But if you’re stuck on all of them it usually means starting something new. This time, though, I don’t mind one bit. One of my very good friends, and also a writer, has asked me to co-author a story with her. That is what I’m doing for NaNoWriMo. Well, that’s not all I’m doing but at the moment it’s the most fun project I have going on lol. It won’t be your… Read More »Take THAT, writer’s block!


I first found out about this two years ago and for those two years I participated “unofficially,” meaning that I didn’t join the website or post my results but I kept track of what I wrote. I’ll admit I cheated a little because I started late but I kept the spirit of it honest and only counted for 30 days. I achieved my goal both years. 50,000 words, thank you very much.   I have a feeling this year will be more of a struggle. I was hoping I’d have the motivation to finish a novel but as fate would have it I got blocked. Being who I am, of course I could not find a way around it and… Read More »NaNoWriMo