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Hello world!

Out with the and in with the forever more… Greetings, fellow citizens of the world! It is I, the author known as Alianne (Aly for short). Yes, I finally put up a picture of me that’s not a sketch by Leonardo DaVinci. Sure, that was a great portrait, put it was so outdated! I don’t want people thinking I’m 600 years old. Although that would be kind of cool… Anyway, don’t really have anything to say here, since it all has to do with this website and no one can see that now. When it goes live, someone will look at these blog posts and think I’ve lost my mind. Maybe a little. Erm… or the little I had left(?)… Read More »Hello world!

I’m Not Irish But Kiss Me Anyway

  Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here we are again with another blog hop and let me tell you, this one was a blast to put together. If you’ve stumbled onto here by accident but like what you see, check out the rest of the blog hop! It starts right here. And now the reason you’re here in the first place: The story! ~ * ~ Weather forecast said rainy Dublin. Huh, who would have figured? Rain. In Ireland. And Gin spending her last week of vacation here. Bloody brilliant, as the locals said. Or did they? Hmm, she wouldn’t know. Because she hadn’t stepped foot out of her hotel room in three days because of the freaking rain! Pack light,… Read More »I’m Not Irish But Kiss Me Anyway

On life and other things

Last week I lost two pages of a story I am working on and could not for the life of me remember where I put them. I let it go, left a section blank, and moved on. This week, while looking for a different set of pages, I found them. Of course, the new set never turned up. You know, you think you’re resourceful, using your time to your best advantage by writing wherever, whenever, and on whatever you can, and then something like this happens and you realize, maybe I should make use of one of the gazillion notebooks I have lying around here… I spent most of yesterday transcribing notes and snippets from three different types of paper.… Read More »On life and other things

Best Romantic Science Fiction/Fantasy in 2010 Nomination

  I’ve just been told that Blood Moons has been nominated for Best Romantic Science Fiction/Fantasy in 2010 by  The Romance Reviews! I’m sort of in shock right now but wanted to share. The voting is now open and will go on until March 31. There’s many other nominees in many other categories so take a minute to check it out and vote for your favorites. And please vote for Blood Moons!!! Link to TRR Best Book of 2010

A bit o’research

The Morrigan    I’ve looked at several sites for information on the tri-goddess and while reading this one I had a really good idea for a story I am working on. A bright, shining flash of inspiration and I have a big grin on my face and can’t wait to get a minute to myself so I can write it all down. It’s somewhat ridiculous that it hasn’t occurred to me before. I had the perfect set-up from the get go, it just took me this long to see it. The reason for everything. Of all the great twists and unexpected jewels that can happen in a story, the best ones sometimes occur before the story is even written. Days… Read More »A bit o’research

So what’s up with you?

I haven’t posted much lately. I got distracted again and again and then I got really busy working on a website I hope to debut soon. You might have noticed the color scheme here has changed, as well as the banner. That’s a little preview of what I’ve got planned. It’s still not ready to unveil, though. I had no idea how much work went into making a website! And I’m not even doing it from scratch. Just… wow. Good thing I have GIMP and it likes me more than it hates me. I am able to do a number of banners for different sections of the site, which will look amazing – I hope. When it’s all done I’ll… Read More »So what’s up with you?

Happy early Valentine’s Day!

Hope you all are in a loving mood 😉 I know this is just a Hallmark holiday created to make people spend money on weird stuff like eatable underwear , yada yada yada. The way I see it, any day to be nice to each other and enjoy each other is a great thing. So for that reason, I made this bloghop my challenge: A picture says a thousand words. (I think mine came out to a little more than a thousand) I wrote this in an hour and dearly hope I didn’t leave in any typos. Without further ado, here is the picture and the story that goes with it:       Her building didn’t have an elevator.… Read More »Happy early Valentine’s Day!

The Alpha, The Man’s Man – The Hero

We’ve all read about the perfect alpha male, the guy who can stand up to the world, take care of his woman, be the doting husband, loving father, and steamy lover. We want it all. That is a tall order to fill in the real world (oh, I forgot, he should be tall and strong too ;] ) It’s part of the appeal of books that we can have exactly what we are looking for and cannot find anywhere else. A woman will read such a book and think, “This is my hero.” A man will read it and scoff. Conclusion: They don’t understand. Articles and blogs on the topic abound out there, mostly men telling other men what women… Read More »The Alpha, The Man’s Man – The Hero

Life and other dramas

Ever have one of those days when everything is going perfectly? You wake up after a great night’s sleep, you have a great breakfast, you get done everything you need to get done and more, and you just enjoy the hell out of it? I had a day like that last weekend. I was smiling all the way through. Nothing bad got to me, everything good went my way, and even the day after it was still pretty damn decent. Whenever something like that happens, you should know the opposite isn’t long in coming. Technology is something we’ve come to rely on so much that we tend to feel lost without it. Take your phone, for example. Do you have… Read More »Life and other dramas

On Pins and Needles

Yes, it’s almost that time. Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning officially comes out on Tuesday. That means only three days left until all the questions are finally answered. I’m so anxious I keep checking my email every hour to see if Amazon shipped my pre-order yet. So far, it hasn’t. I’m so worried that someone will post something between now and the time I get to read it and will totally spoil it for me.   After the leaked chapters scare I don’t even want to check my Facebook. I stopped reading the teasers in KMM’s newsletters because of that, too. I know the book is twice as long as the others, so a few lines here and there can’t… Read More »On Pins and Needles