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Midsummer Blog Hop

If you’ve stumbled here first, click here to see the bloghop from the very beginning. This time I am putting my hunk up at the top (tee hee) because that’s what’s most important, isn’t it? ;D There’s also a story, so scroll down and enjoy!   Bran dropped his bag in the corner of the little closet of a room they’d put him up in. The clock on the nightstand said 5pm. They hadn’t adjusted it to daylight savings. He checked his phone for the scheduled reminder of exact time of sunset. His muscles twitched with the need to make time move faster. Feeling restless and feverish after the hellride up here, went out to look for the bathroom, wincing… Read More »Midsummer Blog Hop

Computronics Galore

I just GIMPed this picture while searching for images online and logging into this blog to post an update. My new computer is a DREAM to work with. My old one would have frozen just running GIMP. It took me most of the day to set it all up and transfer my files but now that it’s done, I just sit back and play. I do so love to play with new toys ;D I predict many days spent very productively on a lot of unimportant games. But hey, how can I resist when this thing is so nice at doing exactly what I tell it to? That is my biggest update for today. A smaller one is that Blood… Read More »Computronics Galore

Blood Trails Excerpt

I’ve just posted a steamy excerpt from Blood Trails. Thought long and hard about which part I wanted the sneak peek to come from. Excuse me while I snicker at all those puns in a single sentence… I’m a juvenile at heart. Don’t judge me … 😉 Happy Hump day! *snicker* Read excerpt here.


  A long time ago, I read something interesting. Off the top of my head I couldn’t tell you where, or who said it, or even the exact quote, but the gist of it was: Give a man a mask to hide behind and he will show you his true face. It’s not something people spend time contemplating but to me it was a revelation. Sheer brilliance in its simplicity. Think about it – we go through our entire lives wearing masks, pretending, and mouthing those little white lies so that people will accept us, like us. We behave according to society’s laws and mores because that is what’s expected of us. How many times have you listened to someone… Read More »Truth

Midway May

And a little imagery to get us going. I wonder how many blogs out there featured this mighty god of thunder since the movie’s release day. I am more than happy to add to the count. Have you seen Thor yet? You should. If for nothing else than to see this man without his shirt. Show stopper doesn’t begin to say it. Speaking of show stoppers, I was one hundred percent determined to get working on Gabriel, my hero of Blood Debts last night. I sat down at my computer, turned it on, and nothing. Well, the wheels were turning in the hard drive, so much so that I couldn’t do anything else for a half hour, at which point… Read More »Midway May

Let The Games Begin!

  Happy May Day! Blessed Beltane! Or just a sunny Sunday – whichever you prefer. Welcome to my brand new blog and website! I thought I’d start things off on a fun note, so there are games and stories all around. The big contest is up in the menu… look up, and to the right… that’s it =) That’s the one for the grand prize of an Amazon gift card. This one here is just for fun. I decided that no birthday party should be without hotties. Sadly, that is the one thing my website currently lacks. Here is my proposition: Gather your friends, call your relatives, spam your coworkers. Reply to this post with a picture of your ideal… Read More »Let The Games Begin!

Distraction vs. Procrastination

I had the whole day off from work today. Had big plans with it, too. My To Do list looked like this: Sleep in Finish website Edit book Write new chapter I only did one of those things in the order I meant. The first one. What I actually did looked more like this: Sleep in Laundry Update dream journal Look for pictures Laundry Breakfast Edit website Play around with themes Clean bathroom Wash dishes Play around with themes Wash dishes Edit pictures As you can see I wasn’t exactly sitting on my butt all day long, but neither did I do what I had set out to do. Was what I’d done important? Yes. Am I okay with not… Read More »Distraction vs. Procrastination

Ugh, ow, YIKES! Chocolate, please…

How cool is this:   I finally got to go on that skiing trip. 6AM wake up call, 4-hour drive to Lake Tahoe to find that the ice skating rink had melted and was being used for roller skating instead. Big change from last week lol. My brand new, ten-year-old ski boots, which had been sitting in the freezing cold outside over night, were hard as steel in the morning and I almost broke an ankle trying to get into them. And the whole time I had them on my toes were cramping like crazy. Yep, expert skier here. It also didn’t help that kamikaze snowboarders kept trying to run me over. Or that I’d forgotten to bring my sunglass… Read More »Ugh, ow, YIKES! Chocolate, please…

Ghosts and Cancelled Trips

I was supposed to go on a skiing trip this weekend but apparently, 20 feet of snow is not as awesome as it sounds. Closed roads, weather advisories, and news generally telling people to postpone trips all add up to one thing: No skiing. But at least I get to sleep in. Another thing I get to do is read! Since my Amazon order was slow to ship, I picked up a book I’ve had on my bookshelves since last October. I didn’t give it much thought at first, figuring druggies and gangs aren’t really my thing. But I’d promised a friend I would pick it up and in the absence of something else, I did. Very carefully, because my… Read More »Ghosts and Cancelled Trips