State of the Author Address

So I tried to do an author video. Learned a few things:

  1. Never attempt to do videos on short notice
  2. Plan your “stage” ahead of time
  3. Always have a clear path of escape
  4. Keep plenty of water nearby
  5. Outlining a script is a good idea

As you have probably guessed, I learned all these by NOT doing them. Let’s be honest here–there’s a reason why I’m a writer and not a spokesperson LOL I can do a dozen cool things behind the scenes, but put me in front of a camera (or an audience) and I’m a train wreck.

Luckily, I do have one advantage, and that is that I can splice and dice like a pro. So what started out as a straight-forward video of me talking into a camera turned into a quirky, self-deprecating comedy of errors set to silent film music. Because why not? Everyone loves a good blooper reel.

Which leads me to the main reason for this post: Announcing the official release date for Dragonblood!

The book will be available in digital and paperback format ( a gorgeous, 6″x9″ trim with a 1.01″ spine, wrapped in a touchable, full-color matte cover, 389 pages, 45 chapters, plus a sneak peek at book 3, Prince of Deceit… oh yeah, talk dirty to me). Ebook pre-order links should be happening soon and the print edition should become available on or shortly after the release date.

This story has become one of my favorites now; I absolutely love Liadan and Tir, both for who they are, and who they are together, and I can’t wait for you guys to read all about them! September 3rd can’t come soon enough, I tell ya…

And while we’re on the subject of release dates, here’s one more for ya:

CatchMePRemember that erotic romance series I’m sending out by weekly chapters? Well, Catch Me is about halfway finished by now, which means we’re approaching the pre-release stage. The full story will be available for sale as a complete novella on October 8, 2016, so pre-order links should be happening sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. I’ll post and share when they go live.

This was another experiment for me, and what I learned is that it’s not really fun to drag a story out over 3 months or more. You lose interest after a while. You forget you were reading it. Or you hoard the chapters so you can read them all at once. So with the next one, Dearest Love, I’ll do things a little differently. Instead of weekly chapters, I’ll do them daily, which will shorten the reading time down to about 2 weeks. Of course, that means I need the story completed before I start sending, so the second story in the Rebel Court series will be delayed a little. But hopefully, it’ll be a much more pleasant reading experience when it does come.😉

For now, you can still sign up for the mailing list here. And look for Catch Me and Dragonblood at your favorite online bookseller soon!

Until next time!🙂

Writer’s Gonna Read: June Check-in

Edits have stolen a lot of reading time from me this month, but I did manage to strike two books from my TBR pile, so WOO HOO!

Books I’ve read:

Total New Books Read: 8
Total Old Books Re-Read: 14

Books still to be read:


Next on my kindle is Dragonblood for final digital proof reading before I begin to format the manuscript for publication. Stay tuned for more info to come very soon! Announcements will come, as always, to my Newsletter group first. If you’re not signed up, do it now!😉 There might be something fun in the next one for you.

If you have a book you absolutely loved and can’t stop raving about, share in the comments.🙂

The 10-Step Checklist for Self-Published Authors

Dear aspiring authors,

This post is for you. This post applies to especially those of you who are considering self-publishing your book. I write it, because it needs to be said, and because I want you to avoid the frustration, upset, and anger I see boiling up in the Indie community every day.

For those of you who don’t want to read through the entire list, here’s the main idea: Do your homework. It’s not just about putting your book out there; it’s about doing it in a manner that will reflect well on you as an author and publisher–because that is what you will become. It’s not just about the art of creating something out of nothing; it’s about conducting your business professionally–because that’s what it is: a business. It’s hard work, and it doesn’t stop when you hit the Publish button. Are you ready for that?

If you’re planning to self-publish, you should be. By going this route, you are taking on the responsibility for everything you put out there, from this moment forward. It’s all on you. Even if you hire professional editors, cover artists, formatters, etc., the final published product is yours, and no one else’s. Readers won’t see what you intended, or what you wanted to do. They won’t see your financial or personal struggles–and they shouldn’t. Your readers are your customers; they’re paying for a product that has your name on it, and you owe it to them to give them the best product you are capable of producing.

For those who want more details, here’s my little 10-step decision tree:

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Facebook Advertising: The Second Wave


For those of you following my marketing hijinks, you might have seen this post from last year, detailing my first attempt at running a Facebook ad. This year, I decided to repeat the experiment with slightly different parameters. Instead of advertising a single retailer purchase page, I directed people to sign up for a free novella. Everyone loves freebies, right? So here’s how it went…

Unlike last time, I only had one ad in my set, and it looked something like this:

Note the # of people reached… My FB Ad manager gave me different numbers. But I’ll get to that…

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Writer’s Gonna Read: May Check-in

Cheating again, re-reading books from years ago. It’s like visiting old friends and I can’t seem to help myself. I get nostalgic. LOL But I did read a couple of new ones, so the tally so far stands thusly:

Books I’ve read:

Total New Books Read: 6
Total Old Books Re-Read: 14

Books still to be read:

Technically, I’m still reading. But not much progress is being made on my TBR pile. Ugh… But in my defense, I am writing up a storm, too. Does that make up for it? Yeah, I didn’t think so… *sigh* I swear the next book I read will be a new on. No, really!

Speaking of writing… Have you signed up for CATCH ME yet? The first chapter flies June 1st on the dot. You can still join the mailing list to get the entire novella FREE in your inbox. Just be sure to do it before June 1st. Latecomers won’t get any chapters until the next story in the series starts up months from now.😉

If you have a book you absolutely loved and can’t stop raving about, share in the comments.🙂