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The Beast

The tale of Beauty and her Beast—told their way…


A foolish, selfish, bored prince has run afoul of a Faery princess. Now he’s cursed to live as a beast, only able to become human for three nights out of each month. But there is hope. An impossible vision that haunts his dreams and makes him want to be better. But will his efforts be enough, or will his monstrous side chase away his one chance at redemption?

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Most people have their favorite fairy tale, right? Well, mine is Beauty and the Beast. Some people like to say it’s just a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome. I prefer to think it’s one of the few fairy tales where the damsel rescues the hero. Also, give me a giant library and dishes that clean themselves any day!  Just kidding… (or am I?) Anyway, I wanted to write this story because in all the versions of the tale (that I have come across, anyway), it always begins with the prince already cursed, and the story of how he got cursed is just a footnote, or brief reference. I thought he deserved better. With that said, Bastien is not for the faint of heart. He is not the romantic hero you are used to—there is a reason why he got cursed in the first place. And it’s not something stupid, like he failed to give shelter to a total stranger as a 10 year old child. No, he really, really deserved it. Because that’s the only way the story makes sense. 

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Burning Questions Answered

WARNING: Potential spoilers ahead. Expand at your own risk.

This character, at one point, had a whole story in my head that would have been a part 3 of the series. I never actually wrote it, because I realized it would have complicated things far too much. And, really, once the fairy tale has a Happily Ever After, no one wants to read about what came afterward. But, since you're here, and since you asked...


In my head, owing to some sort of Faery involvement, Lyssette and Bastien were robbed of the story we all know and love. But they did get a second chance. Thanks to a benevolent Faery taking pity on them, Lyssette got an opportunity to alter the course of their lives. She sacrificed her (admittedly bleak) future to go back into the past and rewrite the story from the beginning. She became her own fairy godmother, so to speak, setting her man on the path that would bring him to her rescue. The only catch was, she could not be seen, which is why her face was hidden throughout the duette. Her appearance, was the duality of her nature—one half young and hopeful, the other half old and defeated, with nothing left to lose.


Pretty neat story line, if I do say so myself. It would explain why the Hag is so focused on Bastien when they first meet in the series, and why she's so adamant about him not seeing that last card the second time around. From her point of view, things have to progress a certain way for the correct future to happen. If you already read the book(s), you'll remember a sneaky allusion to this alternate reality in the first one, where the prince is visited by the Hag one night and she shows him a future in which he never meets Lyssette.  This vision becomes pivotal to his actions going forward, as had everything the Hag had done up to that point. Score another one for the damsel getting stuff done!

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