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MAY 2012








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“What do you know about the hag?”

His glass stops halfway to his mouth. “The hag?”

“The one with the tarot cards.”

Louis chuckles and then bursts into laughter. “You saw the Faery court, you made love to their princess, one of the highest, most beautiful beings on this Earth, and you want to know about some hag?”

Lilith is their princess. I vaguely remember the voices in her bower whispering something like that. I never paid much attention. “I think the hag—”

Louis hurls the glass at the hearth. It shatters in the flame, making it flare up higher for just a moment. He shoves to his feet and self-preservation forces me to match him. “She offered me immortality,” he snarls in my face. “I was this close to becoming one of them before you waltzed off with her.”

He can’t possibly have believed her. A creature like Lilith doesn’t consort with beings lesser than her except for temporary entertainment. Was Louis in love with her? Blinded by his own foolish emotions, did he swallow every lie she told him?

“I may not have lasted very long, but at least I had her respect,” he rants. “You are nothing but her pet. She will tire of you soon enough, and when she does, oh, my dear boy, mark my words, you will rue the day you laid eyes on her.”

I already do. “And when she rains down her punishment upon my head,” I say dramatically, “will you be satisfied? Will you put this behind us?”

Louis pulls back, surprised out of his anger. “Yes.”

I nod. There is nothing left to say, then. I take my leave without another word.

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Boredom can be a dangerous thing. Lord Bastien Sauvage has been driven nearly out of his mind with it, retired to his castle in the country. By now, he is willing to agree to anything for some entertainment, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. With his trusted friend at his side, there is no mischief they can’t get into, or trouble they can’t get out of. The world is theirs for the taking.

But on a night made dark with powers beyond comprehension, all it takes is one choice, one turn of a card, to change Bastien’s fate forever. He should have heeded the hag’s warning. Now it’s too late. Seduced by the Faery princess, haunted by dreams of a woman he can never have, Bastien discovers that there are things in this world far worse than boredom. History is penned in a human hand. Legend carries on the wicked whisper of a Faery wind. This is the story of Beauty’s Beast—told his way.

Book Reviews

"I love the beast and hate the man. Bastien is such a bastard! No wonder he was turned into a beast, the jerk! This is the second eBook that I have read by Alianne Donnelly and she is one of the few who have her own category on my kindle. Onward to read The Beast…"

Smashwords Reader Review

"If you've read "the beast" this is a must read, and if you haven't both are a MUST READ. "Don't believe me, ask the dishes!""

B&B Reader Review

"Original, strong, unique and thoughtfully done!! Very enjoyable! The Best!! Characters with strong & original voices!"

B&B Reader Review

"I've always had a thing for the bad boys and trust me Bastien is as bad as they get. There's some hot sex going on so be warned you might also want to keep a hanky nearby if you're anything like me there will be times when you get misty eyed. Ms. Donnelly did an excellent job putting a new spin on Beauty and The Beast. You won't even miss the dancing candelabra."

Smashwords Reader Review

"The writing is beautiful, and I found myself getting easily swept away in Ms. Donnelly's tale.[...] I actually found myself wishing the story were longer, and that I could live in this world of fairies, prostitutes and ne'er-do-wells for a little longer."

Rosanna Leo, Author

"An amazing twist on the classic on the beauty and the beast tale I recommend it."

Apple Books Reader Review