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Interactive Map
Dai Dragon Lakes Mountain Pass Palos Silver Mountains


Capital city and castle seat of the kingdom of Lyria. As a coastal trading post, Dai is open and welcoming of all travelers. It is a place of art and learning, which made it a vulnerable target during the Aegiran War.

Dragon Lakes

A grouping of lakes which, put together, resemble the shape of a dragon. Legend says this was the place where the last living dragon fell to its death many centuries ago.

Mountain Pass

A narrow, man-made passage between Wilderheim and Lyria. It observes strict rules which dictate that travelers from one side must cross before noon, and travelers from the other side cannot enter the pass until noon. Anyone caught going the wrong way at the wrong time will be forced to return.


The capital city and castle seat of the kingdom of Synealee. As the seat of power of its devoutly religious monarch, the city is dotted with many places of worship which, put together, outline the sign of a giant cross.

Silver Mountains

Silver Mountains have formed the natural border between Aegiros and Synealee since the Aegiran War. At their base on the Aegiran side are flood plains which have birthed the twin river running west-to-east through the First Valley. One of its branches runs above ground, while its twin runs through a system of underground tunnels.