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Coming 2023: Shadow Hawk

I come to you today with an exciting announcement I’ve been keeping under wraps for quite a while: my next book release! It’s probably not one you were expecting. I wasn’t, either. It just kind of snuck up on me while I was too busy watching the horror show the world had become when the pandemic hit. But it’s one that has been at the back of my mind for years. Now that it’s finished, I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Get ready, because later this year, the Shadows are coming back. SHADOW HAWK will be the 5th installment of the Blood & Shadows series, and will be followed by at least one more full-length novel. This one is a bit of a turning point in the series. It’s a bit dark, and has some complicated characters and difficult events/situations. Fair warning ahead of time.

As I write this, the first draft is fully completed. I will be doing a self-edit on it in a few weeks before sending it to my editor, where every writer knows the real work begins. To give myself and my editor plenty of time to do it right, the release is tentative at the moment, but planned for Fall/Winter of 2023. As with the rest of the series, this one will also hit the virtual shelves as an eBook and a paperback. Check out the official cover and blurb!

Three years after the human race devolved into the biggest, bloodiest conflict it has seen in centuries, the war may be over, but only for some.

Laura Belden is at the end of her rope. Her community is under the tyrannical control of a sadistic madman, and her people are depending on her to find a way out. The last thing she needs is the boy she once loved showing up out of the blue, as if he hadn’t broken her heart and then disappeared right out of her life. The problem is, he might be the only one able to help. After all, Finnegan Rowe is an expert on all things Shadow, courtesy of the twenty years he spent in their ranks.

Finn is coming home for one reason: to beg Laura’s forgiveness and start making amends for two decades of bloodshed in the name of a lie. He knows it won’t be easy—Laura is hurt and angry, and she has every right to be. He’s ready to accept whatever punishment she deems necessary. What he doesn’t anticipate is coming face to face with an enemy who threatens the lives of everyone who still matters to him. The battle will cost him everything, but a Hawk is trained to never leave a mission unfinished. Turns out, there is a way out of Shadow after all. But it leads through blood…

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Until next time!

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