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Indy Author Event This Weekend

It’s happening! Saturday at 12pm will mark my very first in-person author appearance at the Indy Author Event. Clickety click the link for more info and tickets (they will not be sold at the door, so purchase online before you head out).

As this will be a Huge Big Thing for me, I thought I would share some of my trepidation. I’ve been putting out fires and setting contingency plans into motion for two weeks now. But this is good! It means I can get all the stress out now so that by the time the event starts, I’ll be emotionally exhausted, pleasantly numb, and mentally present to put on a good show. Yes, my hands are, in fact, shaking as I’m typing this.

What you’ll find at my table:

  • Great books ready for signing
  • Pretty bookmarks (or, as some call them, “quitter strips”)
  • Printed book lists with covers, ISBNs, and handy check boxes to mark what you already have and what you want to get. 😉
  • Versatile tote bags
  • Wolfen “inspirational” dog tags (when you see them, you’ll understand the quotes and why it’s funny)
  • Rebel Court bracelets
  • Chocolates (while supplies last–which likely won’t be long because I’ll probably stress eat them all)

As you will notice around the good ole website, I have dressed for the occasion and updated some book videos. You can check them out on the Books page and admire the pretty animations and kick ass book covers. 😉

Come see me! <3 Seriously, it’s shaping up to be a massive, and massively fun event with tons of amazing authors and goodies to be had. And I’ll be there! That’s gotta count for something, right? Share your photos and videos, too. I’ll definitely be sharing mine.

And now I think I need a stiff drink. Or pizza…

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