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Finding my Voice in 2019


So, I did a thing…

A few days ago I was asked to do an interview and live podcast for Lauretta Kehoe’s Authors Corner. It wasn’t supposed to happen until a week or two down the road but she had a last minute opening in her schedule so, with very short notice, I ended up live on air last evening.

My very first time doing anything like this. Not stressful at all (she says shuddering with residual anxiety). The link above will take you to the written interview. Click here to listen to the recorded podcast where I share some tidbits about my books, Prince of Deceit, and what I have planned next.


As if the one-hour interview wasn’t enough talking for one month…

But “adapt or die” right?

I decided to dip a toe out of my comfort zone and do an actual author reading (not live, for introvert reasons). It’s another first for me so I kept it short and sweet(ish). If you’re into this sort of thing, you can listen to the 7-minute excerpt recording on SoundCloud. I don’t think audiobook narration is in my future. But I may do some more excerpts like this, if there’s interest and if I have the time.

Is there a passage from one of my books you’d like to hear me read? Let me know!

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