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In my defense, I was dared…

This is what happens when my friends provoke my juvenile sense of humor. Long story short, since the Rebel Court novellas will now be “official”, they need actual real covers, instead of the poor quality placeholders they had until now. Alas, the books are erotic romance, and there are limits on what I can do on the covers before the book world censors shut me down. My dilemma led to this text message conversation yesterday:

Me: *sigh* I think the covers will end up being man candies. It’s the only way to match so many of them in any sort of theme.

Happi Anarky (the best friend ever): Awww. Well, man candies do sell.

Me: Or… I could do dick pic covers.

HA: LMAO Won’t be on a shelf, though.

Me: But it’ll be in inboxes. 😉 Get it? Ha! Double pun!

HA: OMG LMAO Stop that madness right now.

Me: Dude, come on! Super close-up of an erection… no one would know! It would look like a veiny arm. With a tattoo.

*pause as inspiration strikes*

Me: OMG! OMG!!! What if I did mushroom pics? With tats…

HA: I dare you.

And that’s how this happened:

Yes, these are the official new covers, and they’ve already been updated at my distributor sites. Might take a day or two to update in some stores, but it’ll happen. I can tell you they’re already getting some great reactions LOL

For those of you on the Rebel Court mailing list, the first chapter went out this morning, which means the sign-ups are officially closed. If you missed the deadline, don’t despair! Sweetest Kiss the complete eBook is now available for pre-order at, and will soon show up at all eBook sellers worldwide. 🙂

Missed the first two installments? Find them at your favorite eBook store (hint: you might find them discounted at Smashwords for the month of July 😉 )

1. catch me
How does a shameless skirt chaser like Haig Cavanaugh catch a legendary Huntress? Simple: he makes her want to chase him—and then lets her catch him.


Barnes &Noble

2. dearest love
How does a Rebel hold out against the temptation of his childhood love? He doesn’t…


Barnes & Noble

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